Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sprout Prize and Food Review.

So last week I received an email to let me know that we had won a giveaway from Sprout Food SA!

Sprout is a local company that was started by a fellow mama Liesel and is a company that provides freshly made free range, preservative and hormone free toddler/ finger foods available online to order strait to your door.

In short after having her son she realized how many nasties go into the finger/ toddler foods that retail stores provide for children and through this she decided to work with a local nutritionist to create healthy, nutritious and well balanced meals that provide all the nutrients, colours and textures that growing toddlers thrive off of and need.
The packaging is also 100% bio degradable and BPA free and let me just say it is gorgeous- so fun and bright which each container displaying an animal character associated with the snack/ food it contains.

So our prize was a choice of a meal, snack and finger food, I chose the following:

Cocoa’s Peanut Butter Balls -Snack- R29.50

Is this packaging not adorable!!!

Dora’s Beef Frikkadals -Finger Food- R30.50

Herberts Red Quinoa Stir Fry- Meal- R31.50

I also added the following as they sounded too great to pass up:

Muffy’s Apple and Carrot Muffins- R26.50

Abe’s Alien Fishcakes- R32.50

I placed my order on the Monday; the food is freshly cooked on Thursday and then delivered for small fee on the Friday depending on the area in which you live.

To my surprise Liezel herself made the delivery via a cooler box in hand so that you can directly refrigerate or freeze your food as per preference which I thought was a really lovely touch and it was really nice to finally put a face to a name and meet her.

Looking at the food the packaging is truly the cutest packaging I ever seen and so appropriate for kids and of course moms, I loved that the ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging as well as any allergens contained, considering Gabriel is an allergic child I found this was really a plus for me.

I was really excited to get the food home and let Jesse's try them and I wasn't disappointed, so far we have tried the frikkadals, the muffins and the peanut butter balls, I will say that I of course had to try one of each as well and oh my soul the peanut butter balls are SO amazing and this from someone who doesn't eat peanut butter!

Jesse loved the muffins most of all and I have found them to be the most side snack for  toddler who is both quite picky and likes to eat small bits of food at a time.

I wanted to take pictures but sadly Jesse was non co operative.

Loghan and Gabriel loved the frikkadals and I think all of the foods so far have been really great incredibly tasty and nutritious for growing monkeys I will definitely be placing more orders in the future.

Thank you very much to Liezel for the wonderful food you truly are doing a wonderful job!

If you would like to place an order you can go on over to their website and pave the way for healthy eating!

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