About Me

I am a 31 year old Pagan mommy of three crazy monkey boys.

Married for the first time at 20 after becoming a teen mom at 19 I am divorced and remarried to the most amazing man;  37 years old and a camera engineer.

My eldest son born when I was 19 is Loghan (11); he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5 and as Aspergers last year, he is crazy and loud but also the most sensitive and loving child, he is insanely clever great with maths and anything technical, he really is my wonder child.

Gabriel my middle monkey, born when I was 22 (to the same dad and my then husband) is 9, with allergies galore and extremely accident prone he is always covered in scrapes and bumps and always lost in his world of rainbows and ponies.

Finally my third monkey Jesse, born when I was 26 is now 5 years old and is my sunshine child always smiling always happy.

We all live in a comfortable home with our fur kids Kali,  Loki and Artemis .

I love reading and enjoy anything related to history and true crime, I also enjoy writing and most of all spending time with my family.

We are unconventional and extremely loud and crazy, everyday in our life is a roller coaster adventure a learning curve of note, parenting two children with special needs has taught me so much and I have become an advocate for the need for better understanding of special needs children as a whole and their needs and struggles in their daily lives.

The road of parenting has not been easy being OCD and with a history of depression, I have my dark days but they are way outnumbered by the amazing days, my children bring me so much joy and have taught me so much, this blog is a space for me to rant, rave, laugh, share memories and information along my journey of motherhood, thank you for stopping by and don't be shy to leave me a comment =)

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  1. I only just realised how similar our paths are, except that I am now 43 and my kids obviously much older than yours. :)