Monday, 6 July 2015

Jesse's Nautical Theme bedroom

So I got a bit of a bee of in my bonnet last week I was feeling agitated and restless hence my silence on this blog over the past week and generally when I get this way I make it my mission to start a project in order to keep focus and not travel down the dark road I often find myself leaning towards.

So after milling around for a while I started thinking about our home and what I have been wanting to do with it, it's been a very slow work in progress as money is scarce and well that was the plan when we moved we purposefully chose something that was as close to what we wanted as possible with room to improve as we could.

So we've been doing things slowly and basically the bain of my existence in this house has been the kids rooms which I didn't want to rush but at the same time we didn't have the money... coming round to last week I had enough and decided that come hell or high water I would use what we had to give the boys the rooms they wanted.

I started with Jesse's room this weekend I decided to take the boys old nautical theme and put it over into Jesse's room.

Jesse's room was originally brown and green as the previous owner had a little girl so on Sunday I painted the room out in blue with paint that we had leftover from the house interior,I used an old wooden crate from our previous kitchen to create a space for his cloth nappies and decorated with all the previously bought nautical decor adding a few things here and there, Jesse is still too young to choose a theme and I just love a nautical theme as my dad was in the navy and used to sail a lot when we were kids, it has always brought out such great memories for me.

I finished off late on Sunday evening and I have to say it's not perfect and still needs a few things but I am really proud of what I managed to pull together for Jess and it seems like he really liked it he got really excited when we showed him.

My dad actually made the clock and its one of my most cherished possessions.
Anyhow so I found that my agitation and restlessness has now cooled slightly and I will be starting Lo and G's room next week in a comic book theme which I am really excited for and I will be posting pictures when I'm done, I know the boys are really eager to see it finished.

I really just love doing these things by myself and for my kids I don't know it just gives me a sense of purpose and achievement that I can do this for them, it really feels great to see them happy.

We have waaaay to many soft toys....

Like I said it's not perfect I'm no DIY expert but I did what I could with what we have and I think it's just proof that you can always make a plan and use what you have lying around you don't have to spend a ton of money to create something nice.

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