Monday, 11 July 2016

I do believe in fairies…

I do believe in fairies I do I DO!!!! 

I have one for a friend I promise you once you have met her you will never doubt it again =)
I have always told the boys about fairies and encouraged them to believe I think it’s wonderful and I do actually believe they exist, some people believe in angels I believe in fairies.

But moving back onto topic like I said I have always told the boys about fairies and one of the things that I grew up with that I have passed on to my kids is fairy kisses, you see as a child my mom would tell me that my freckles and I had a few were a sign that I had been kissed by a fairy and it always made me incredibly proud and happy to have freckles and still today its part of way I don’t like a full coverage foundation because I really like my freckles and like them to show through on my face.

In any case Loghan also went through a stage of being conscious about his freckles and so I explained to him what they were and he has been pleased as punch about his freckles ever since, he is however getting older and ‘wiser’ and thus when I fetched Loghan from his dad yesterday morning I was promptly told by Gabriel who pulled out his second loose tooth on Friday eve that the tooth fairy had not visited him that night because Loghan has said that there was no such thing, however Gabriel went on to say that he has whispered to the fairies that he did indeed believe and she came the next evening (sat) and even given him a kiss on the cheek he felt it =)

So I hugged him and to my absolute glee I saw upon his cheek a tiny freckle and explained to him as I did with Loghan before that he had indeed been kissed by a fairy as there was a freckle now on his cheek he was so happy and excited even more so when I explained this morning that it must have been a baby fairy as it is a small freckle and that makes him even more special and must mean he really believes which to his delight he exclaimed that he did.

I am a logical person but I believe in magick and I believe in fairies and I think this is a wonderful way to ignite a fiery imagination in your child as well as make them appreciate any sort of freckle or beauty mark that they may have on their bodies, I have my mom to thank for instilling this wonderful tradition and believe in my heart and I hope that my children will pass it on to their children one day as well!

Do you have any traditions or beliefs in your family I would love to hear about them =)

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