Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Attempting to Detox… Day 2

I decided to try and detox my system this week because my skin has been looking bad again, and I have just not been feeling great and I know the fact that I have strayed from healthy eating definitely has a lot to do with it, so I thought its time to get my butt back in to gear now with Summer on the way it will be easier to eat light, drink water etc….

Now when I say detox I don’t mean juicing or cutting down to the bare minimum I just mean that I want to get back to making healthier choices, so whilst it is not a complete detox my system is still going to give me hell for rejecting all the junk I have been consuming over the last few weeks.

So I started yesterday and this is how my day went…

I skipped breakfast (not uncommon I hate breakfast), had a packet of yoghurt peanuts for a snack, drank a ton of water, skipped lunch (not intentional forgot my spinach dish at home), drank more water and then got home and wolfed down said spinach and left over babootie from my mom…. then had a slice of red velvet for dessert… eish…Epic fail… but it was red velvet and my mom made it I just couldn’t resist… not the best start oh well better luck today.

So far I feel pretty crappy, tired but I think that has a lot to do with the dam heat wave that has hit us, anyone else absolutely detest summer like I do?

It makes me want to curl up and disappear until April!

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