Monday, 26 October 2015

The birds and the bees… I am so not ready…

Over the weekend we were watching a Disney documentary that follows a troupe of monkeys and one female in particular, this female ends up giving birth to a baby and even though nothing is shown it sparked the question from my eldest; mommy where does the baby come out of?

EISH, I was floored and silence hung in the air, you see I am lucky in the way that I had a c section so when the kids have asked me how they were born I have always been able to say in truth that they came out of my tummy but now I was faced with a question that I did not want to lie in answer about but that I was also not completely ready to divulge in detail either so I quickly mumbled off something to the part of uhm the baby came out of her lady parts… more silence…

Both boys giggled lady parts they laughed yes her lady parts, that is where most babies come from unless like mommy the mommy has a c section and the doctor takes the baby from the mommys tummy… hmm ok mommy and not another word on the subject.

I am not ready for this that is all I have to say on the subject…. Not ready at all!!!!

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