Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Never say never

There are many things that I said I would never do with my kids.. 

But the one that I never expected to break was that I said I would never medicate my kids, that Ritalin or anything of the sort was an easy way out for lazy parents and that it turned your child into a zombie.

It is also the one decision that I have received the most flak for and that I end up having to defend myself for time and time again by people who do not even know me or have never met me or my kids.

Let’s put it this way if someone is sick you give them medicine right?

If someone has a mental disorder you treat it right?

Well the same goes for ADHD, medication was the last thing I ever wanted to do with my kids and it is something I fought for a very long time to the point that Loghan suffered greatly at school and on a social level, he had no friends he was constantly bullied and pushed aside, he hated school and he was angry all the time.

Imagine for a second your child feigning illness in an attempt not to go to school, your child coming home in tears on a daily basis your child being teased and called names, your child hitting you, screeching and throwing themselves around causing near self- injury because they are so angry and frustrated, your child being blamed for things when they were not even in the same room where an incident occurred …that was our life before medication…

Fast forward to now and anyone who knows us can see my child is no zombie he is an amazing lovable child who has friends and loves school, he is class captain almost every week and the change we have seen is just unbelievable, my kids are amazing, I wish I had even a tenth of the strength they have to have overcome what they have in their short years on this earth, the medication has done wonders but it is them who have pushed themselves and strived on a daily basis to move forward and reach where they are today.

The decision to medicate is far from an easy one and I truly feel for every parent who is faced with the decision, but please know that if you do make the decision to medicate you are not a bad parent and you are not alone, never regret a decision based on what you feel is best for your child!

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