Friday, 4 September 2015

Embarrassing Mommy Moments

I'm sure everyone has at least one embarrassing moment in mommy hood or several, I was thinking about it today and had a good ol chuckle although at the time it wasn't very funny at all.

I was fairly new to my company and at the time we were still struggling with Loghan, his meds and school, so I received a call one day to come and collect him from school and to him this was the best thing since sliced toast since he wasn't very happy at school but hanging around with mommy at work was awesome.

Anyhoo so in an effort to discourage him from making this a regular occurrence on our way to my work I had told him that he was going to get mommy into trouble if he continued to act up at school he asked me why and went on and on and would not accept my answer of because so eventually i turned around and said because mommy's boss is a grumpy old man and he will get cross with mommy.

Any that was that we arrived at work and during lunchtime we went up to sit in my moms office, my boss came in and said to my son jokingly who are you, so he turned around and replied my names Loghan and my mommy says you're a grumpy old man.... crickets

I was mortified, completely and utterly mortified.

My boss took it in his stride thankfully but out of all the embarrassing mommy moments I have experienced and there have been many this definitely took the cake... plate and all.

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