Thursday, 3 September 2015

Feature Friday- Love Bug

Hi Everyone and welcome back to another Feature Friday, once again I will be highlighting another local (Jo’burg/PTA) run business but this week the mum is someone I know personally, who is also a new mum to be, her name is Nicky Quinn and she is the owner and brainchild of Love Bug, Exclusive Decor.

So let’s take a look at what she has to offer.

So why did you go for the name LoveBug:

“I wanted a name that sounded like a pet name one would use for one’s own children, but also a name that could be used when expanding into other areas, for example: party packs or cakes etc… This led me to a whole bunch of pet names that I would use for my own little boy. Then I had to choose between Love Bug or Lady Bug and decided Lady Bug might exclude boys, so Love Bug it was.”

What does LoveBug have to offer:

“It is mainly anything that has to do with décor; for children. This includes, hand painting of wall murals, painting on canvas and/or board, furniture, wall vinyl’s and other décor that might be needed to make any little one’s room a haven to be in, everyone from newborn to teen years.”

Why did you decide to start your own business?

“Drawing and painting is my passion. I've always loved it. It’s like I zone out into my own little world where I create any and everything – I can just be myself. So to me it just makes sense to have your job the same as your passion. For now it's still very small though and hasn't picked up quite yet but I hope it will soon, especially having another baby on the way, it would be great to not have to go back to my corporate job which is cut-throat and absolutely horrible.”

Does your business affect your home life as you do have a full time job as well:

“At the moment, if doesn’t much, as most of it can be done at home while running the household. All canvas and boards I paint at home while running the household. This I will usually do when my son is in bed or over the weekends. The tricky part is when it is a wall mural that has to be done on site.”

How can people find you:

You can find LoveBug on Facebook.

How can someone place an order?

You can order or request a quotation by either email, call or by request on her Facebook page.

If you go onto Nicky’s page you can see the love and passion that goes into each and every piece she creates, her items especially the ones that she creates by hand are truly one of a kind and can turn any kiddo’s bedroom or nursery into a Wonderland, I think it takes a special kind of woman to leave a standard day job and take the plunge to working from home when there is so much that is uncertain but I take my hat off to Nicky for managing to create these gorgeous pieces and still work a full job while raising a small child and still expecting another little pair of feet at the same time.

I personally feel that you can always tell just by looking at a person’s work whether it is something they have a passion for and enjoy doing and that this makes the products/ pieces worth so much more than the run of the mill copies and prints you find in shops; this is part of why I wanted to this series I truly believe that there are just so many talented local home run businesses out there who don’t get the attention they deserve and often need to expand and grow.

I am incredibly proud and hold Nicky very dear to my heart, her words of enthusiasm have often given me cause for gratefulness on a dark day and I just want to thank her for allowing me to do this piece and help get her name out there, her fine work speaks for itself and I’m sure there are many moms who would love to order some custom pieces for their kiddos rooms, so go onto her page and show this gorgeous momma some love.

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