Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Love is inperfection...

Marriage is a wonderful thing but there are also times when it can be difficult, you are after all 2 different people and you cannot possible see eye to eye on everything.

I honestly feel that people who say their marriages are perfect and completely smooth sailing are either delusional or lying to themselves, but that doesn’t mean that an imperfect marriage is a bad one.

In my relationship for instance, my hubby and I argue quite often we are both hard headed and extremely passionate in opinion but for the most part it is over before its even started and we end up right as reign no problem, there are however times when an argument will escalate to a boiling point they are few and far between but they happen like this past weekend and I am not ashamed of it or embarrassed to admit it because we are different and we do see things differently from time to time, it doesn’t mean I love him any less or vice versa I would hope.

Sometimes words can hurt more than the person realises to feel like one person matters more than another within the family dynamic or in our case where there are biological or non-biological children that one is treated unfairly or that things are not done in the way you would like them to be….

In short marriage and relationships in general are a journey sometimes it’s easy sometimes not so much there is many a day when I want to scream from frustration and I am sure the feeling is mutual but the times of happiness and understanding far outweigh them…loving one another through the good the bad, through each others faults, love is imperfection

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