Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Non- Functiong day

I don’t know about everyone else, but every now and then a day comes along where I just don’t want to function as an adult today…. Cue that meme that has been going around that is exactly how I feel….

I just want a day where I can stay in bed all day watch overrated horror movies and eat all the junk I can get my hands on, not have to drive around like a mad thing or worry about lunches and supper.

I adore my kids don’t misunderstand me but  sometimes I just long for a day of nothingness, a day in which I don’t have think a day without alarms and deadlines…

The funny thing is I know that the few times I have tried to accomplish this I find myself thinking of all the things I will have to do double of, everything I would have to catch up on, I miss my kids laughter and their cuddles and even trying to nap is just impossible because the clocks ticking sounds resonate through my brain like a sonic boom…

Then I realise, I love the chaos, I love the laughter and the craziness that comes with my family, I like getting up earlier to make sure my kids have that cooked breakfast and I like the look on their faces at night when they are enjoying the food I have made for them and the cuddles and hugs I get when I drop and fetch them before and after school.

Then after some time a day will roll around again and that feeling of nothingness starts to grow, but I am a mom and I love being a mom and I would rather do nothing with them, I would rather watch curious George and The Avengers for the hundredth time and get up to make that 3rd glass of juice or that 2nd bowl of popcorn, I would rather have them argue over who gets to sit next to mommy and how one of them is taking up to much space before we all settle into a calm and lots of cuddle time…. That is my best nothing because it really isn’t nothing at all…..

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