Thursday, 13 August 2015

A trip down memory lane, not for the squeemish

Yesterday I was reminded of a very scary incident that happened with one of my kids a few years back when Jesse tripped and fell face forward onto the floor and when we picked him up he had hit his gum and his mouth was bleeding, my heart stood still, thankfully it was just a bump and all was ok but my poor heart took a stumble and I envisioned the drama that was my husband’s 30th birthday a few years back.
So it was the eve of my Hubby’s 30th birthday and I was making dinner, at the time we lived in a gated group of townhouses and there was a bin room where everyone needed to take their rubbish.

On this particular day I had run out to throw the rubbish bag in that room and usually I was very diligent about closing the door behind me which I did, this time however Loghan opened the door after me, and literally as the words please go inside escaped my lips the wind took the door and it slammed, my sons screams still make me sick to my stomach and I ran to the door where his finger had been closed in the door, I had to physically open that door and all I saw was blood, and my son was screaming I took his hand and on his pinky finger I saw bone…

I have never been squeamish but I literally went green and screamed for my husband to get some a towel or Carlton roll… anything and get Gabriel into the car we needed to get to the ER, we ran out so fast I had to go back because I had left the oven on, I raced like a bat out of hell all the while my hubby who is squeamish is trying not to blow chunks while clamping the paper towel around my sons finger.

We got to the hospital and the nurses didn’t even pass go we were shown strait through while my hubby tried to complete the paper work and I tried to reach my ex and mom while trying to stay calm with my child literally screaming in pain until they gave him morphine and he quietened down to watch tv as if nothing was wrong.

My ex got there and the doctor sent us up to x rays, I can remember how great the radiologist was and so reassuring telling us so many children come in with this type of injury even her own niece had done this at this stage my son was thankfully still calm.

Then back up we went and the doctor came in to tell us that my son would be going up to surgery in a short while but that we were extremely lucky as the finger had been severed at a slant and had just missed the bone so his pinky could be saved…. That was it for me tickets gone, it is so narcissistic but all I kept thinking was more poor child how would he feel with a disfigured pinky, in hindsight I know it was a trivial thing to worry about and my son probably would have been very proud of his war wound later in life but at the time I was hysterical.

Then his surgeon came in back pack on his back all relaxed and walked us through everything kooky as a cuckoo bird and cool as a cucumber he told us he was very confident that his pinky would look great afterwards.

Loghan came out of surgery just fine and when he woke up he was great, it took a few weeks of healing and cleaning but the result today are amazing you can honestly only tell if you look that my son had an injury to his pinky.

It was an incredibly traumatising experience and for weeks and months I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep properly thinking about it made me feel ill and every time the kids went near a door I would scream for them to get away, I honestly think I was more affected than my son…. I still remember my mom’s reaction after it was all over she said ai boys are such monkeys…. And they most definitely are.

A few days after the incident with my mom