Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sleep filled wave

Hello from a very tired momma...

I have been up since 3am, partly because I felt terrible and partly because our gorgeous Jesse monkey decided to baptize our bed with egg/ cheese laden vomit....can you picture the smell, because I can still smell it even after a shower and clothing/ bedding change for all 3 of us....

After this episode Jesse was completely fine and went back to sleep happy as pie so we can only guess that it was the cows milk in his scrambled egg that didn't sit well with him- we have established that his system does not tolerate cows milk very well so it was a really stupid absent minded mommy move on my part but he was feeling much better after that and this morning so all is well there aside from the mountain of washing I now have waiting for me... sob.

I still came to work feeling terrible I was in so much pain in my stomach, but my colleague came to the rescue with Jamaican Ginger.... which is nasty just plain nasty (I hate ginger) I almost threw up several times while taking the few drops you need to but I feel mountains better now so yay for that.

Its been a funny few days we Jesse we actually thought he was self weaning off the boob because the last two days his milk has come back full from school and he hadn't wanted anything from me in the morning, I was a bit sad but thought okay maybe its time and he is nearly 2 anyway so sad as it is if he doesn't want then he doesnt want...but then this morning he asked and then on the way to school he actually grabbed his milk bottle out of the side of his bag and started drinking it... so now I'm just confused... I guess we are not quite done after all.

I am actually very interested to see when he will wean and really hope that he does do it on his own I think it is much easier that way for him and me, my latest goal was 2 so whether he makes it there or not I am really happy with how far we have come on this incredible journey, it will be sad to see it go as he is my last but we have had almost 2 years of love and bonding which have been full of ups and downs but absolutely incredible.  I really am proud to have come this far.

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