Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Low Iron levels suck

This morning I entered my 3rd day of constant nausea, literal waves of nausea that came over me constantly throughout the day, I even had to pull my car over the night before last, now if I still had a uterus that would have sent me running to the pharmacy for a Hpt but as this is impossible well unless it is a tubal it left me rather perplexed that is until this morning...

Yesterday I recieved my sms call to go donate blood, I think this was only my 8th donation even though I have attempted being a blood donar since the age of 18, everytime I go either my bp is to low or my iron or both, Ive had a piercing, given birth there is always something, but as Jesse is no longer reliant on my milk I have the green light to donate so off I went last night.

They pricked my finger and not surprisingly I was just on par with the 12.5 iron level of donation, my bp was also good so yay me, however they did ask me to take home an iron supplement which I did, I have been prescribed them before but unfortunately I A- suck at taking medications and B cannot always afford it.

Anyway I took them for the first time this morning and goodbye nausea, I feel so much better... problem solved... I was getting a bit concerned there for a moment as I have also had a very severe drop in my milk supply as well as an increase in loo trips and fatigue which individually can all be accounted for by the cold weather and Jesse getting to a self weaning stage but together they were quite concerning especially since I still have my tubes so a tubal pregnancy is still possible and not something I would ever like to experience.

If you are experiencing these symptoms have your levels checked

So case solved and I hope not to feel like that again anytime soon, incidentally my mom has the same issues and had to have iron transfusions done last year, really hoping I never have to go through that.

Iron rich foods- Quinoa is so amazing YUM

I just want to take this opportunity to encourage people to become a blood donor, it is just such a wonderful gift to give another especially if you have a rare or the most common blood types, it doesn't take much time and you do not have to go every time either, incidentally being a blood donor is what lead to my grandfather picking up that he had cancer- they found abnormalities in his blood, notified him and told him to see a doctor which he did, had it not been for him donating he may have never found out until the very end.

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