Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Getting Fit

So one of my goals for 2015 was to get fit and tone up.

I am happy with my body right now really happy, I don't think I have been this comfortable in my own skin since well forever with the exception of my pregnancies.

when I walked in to give birth to Jesse they asked me to step on the scale for anesthetic purposes when I saw the numbers I literally died inside, and look I've been overweight my whole life bar 2 years in high school and honestly there is nothing wrong with curves and extra padding as long as you are happy within your own body- clearly I was not I was 105kg.... like I said I died inside.

This morning I stood on the scale and I now weigh 67kg and I am just so incredibly proud and grateful to have come this far.

So like I said this year its about getting fit and toned- my ideal weight is 63kg so I have a few to go but quite frankly I am happy where I am now so I'm not to stressed it will happen when it happens.

I started Zumba classes again last week with my mom who was looking for a fitness buddy and she graciously offered to pay if I would join her so of course I said yes.... I absolutely love Zumba- its fun and an amazing way to get fit and stay fit, I do 2 one hour sessions a week, a Saturday class is also offered and just to give an idea one session burns an average of 700/800 calories if not more and in total the average woman should be eating around 1200 calories so I think its awesome and its so much fun I really have a great time.

Unfortunately my mom is not enjoying it so she wont be continuing with me but she may join a gym and I may join with her although I am very happy to stay with Zumba, I even did Zumba through Jesse's pregnancy I think I was 34 weeks when I stopped and it gave me so much energy especially towards to end plus the instructor Peter Klipfel goes out of his way to help you so its great.

Im also trying to eat better but ya some days are better than others I make use of a calorie counter app called my fitness pal- its a really lovely app to have you can calculate your calories for the day with your food diary, calculate your excercise and calories burnt as well as track your weight loss, it also gives you an idea of what you should weigh within a few weeks and helps you to calculate what excercise and amount of calories you should be burning to either maintain your weight or lose weight, the only qualm I have with it is that you cannot calculate breastfeeding into it unless you seek out a specialist and they can tell you how much extra calories you should be eating a day for the amount of breastfeeding you are doing, other than that its great.

From personal experience I can say that there is no diet that works the only thing that works is eating better and keeping fit, everything else ultimately results in either gaining the weight back or nothing, it is hard to change your lifestyle but ultimately it produces the results and these results will stay as long as you keep going.

Anyhoo here is to 2015 and getting fit not only for my own sake but for my children's- I have so much more energy now and I can feel it when I'm running around with the kids, physically and emotionally I feel better, my skin is looking better as well and when you feel good about yourself it shows even hubby and I are happier because I am not constantly upset about something that doesn't fit or because he compliments me and I throw it off or get upset about wanting to look better.

Its about being comfortable and happy within yourself knowing that you are worth the trouble and the time, no matter your body type weight or appearance you are gorgeous you just need to have the confidence so that other people will see it too.

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