Wednesday, 14 January 2015

moments of motherhood

I have always been that person you know the person who is always on time or even early for everything, the person who gives a disapproving stare to anyone who dares walk through a door 2 minutes late or smiles sarcastically as the give what I would term to be some lame excuse as to why they could not get there on time..... that is until I became a mom.

I realized this last night as I came downstairs to my mom ready to go off to Zumba casting a somewhat disapproving look over the cluttered counter top of washing half prepped lunches and half eaten dinner, toys strewn over the floor and couch cushions all a frow whilst I muttered oh is it that time already uhm let me get my shoes and oh love your food is in the microwave of and um this and uhm that 10 minutes later I'm finally out the door after the umpteenth goodbye kiss and instruction.

Rewind to an hour earlier when I walked through the door settled the boys in the lounge and immediately put supper in and prepped lunches whilst a very unhappy baby pulled at my skirt for milk and attention and the boys piped up every 2 seconds- mommy can we have juice, mommy whats for supper, mommy is supper ready, we don't like this movie, he took my juice, get off my side of the couch etc etc, trying to get everything sorted while glancing at the clock every 5 minutes wondering where on earth my hubby is.

I managed to get 2/3 in the bath and out successfully and downstairs and that's when the sh't hit the fan because Gabriel decided to literally flood the bathroom you heard me right it was the great flood of Gabriel and why you may ask, well because hedidnt get his own way and I chose to ignore him and get supper on the table- I could hear the water splashing everywhere as he threw his tantrum and eventually I reluctantly asked Loghan to watch Jesse as I ran upstairs only to find water seeping out the bathroom door and the bathroom in total disaray with  very upset Gabriel in an empty bath.

Thankfully hubby pulled up at this point and came through the door just as I had wrestled Gabriel into his pj's and ushered him down the stairs while it took me two huge towels and whatever else I could muster to clean up the water and get the bathroom orgainised, the knock at the door came just as I was dragging a loaded laundry basket down the stairs- my hair every which ways and the bottom of my pants soaked from the water- as I walked out the door 10 minutes later I said to my mom: what are the chances of the house being organised when I get home... my mom just said ya right.

Sure enough when I walked through the door an hour later there was a mess waiting but the boys were in bed and Jesse was lying still awake but content, I managed to scoff down diner, get the laundry in the machine and the dishes washed while hubby hung the last load out and I fed what was now an un happy baby, after putting Jess to bed happy and content and taking a well deserved bath I passed by the boys bedroom and out from under the covers came a ; mommy.... I love you.

I love you to my baby....

mommy Im sorry and I love you.....

All is forgiven and forgotten my child and these are the moments motherhood is made of.

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