Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tired mommy needs advice!!!!

There is only one word for how I am feeling on this fine sunshine filled morning... please note the sarcasm and that word is crap....

why you ask because I am tired, mentally physically emotionally I am just tired, so is my hubby we are both dead on our feet finished because we have 1 little monkey in the house who after a year and a half still wakes throughout the night and I'm not talking once or twice or for a brief period.

This is not his fault I'm sure of it- we have had him at the pead several times and not once have they been able to find a solution to help Jesse but they have been firm in the belief that there is something going on.

Everyday I go through the whole- ok he is/isn't.

-bum is clean
- he ate well
-he is not to cold or hot
-he is not thirsty or in need of milk
- its not to early
- he is not over stimulated

Yet every night he goes down and within an hour he is up screaming like he is in pain- we have tried pro biotic- herbal remedies- cutting out certain foods and night after night I find myself saying Ive had enough this is not normal, something is wrong- we spend hours patting him on the back rocking him walking up and down singing, making rooibos tea until he settles down and then we put him in his cot and 10 minutes later he starts again, we have tried co-sleeping, we have lifted his mattress we have tried leaving him for a few minutes NOTHING is working and I am finding that I am losing more and more of the tiny amount of patience that I have left which quite frankly sucks because I honestly feel that there is something we or the doctors are missing- the one pead even told us to take turns and let each other sleep but please explain how do you sleep when your baby is downstairs screaming or crying.

I have 2 other kids one slept through from the start one from about a year but neither went through this it just doesn't seem right to me- I have scoured the internet read page upon page of symptoms and illnesses and at the end of the day I just feel defeated- how is this possible what are we doing wrong are we just paranoid is it us or are we right and something is a miss, how does he go from a perfectly happy child during the day to miserable at night.

R800 for a pead app is something we just don't have right now- I have spoken to the nurses at the clinic and the advice they gave has unfortunately not helped and I'm torn I really am because Ive been told to maybe switch to proper milk or formula that maybe my milk is the problem but I honestly don't think so because at this stage he should not be reliant on my milk as a form of sustenance but rather as an added benefit, he just seems so frustrated with us because we cant help him and I am seriously on the end of my tether I mean do we find the money and take him hoping to get another result or they may just say to us that its the same old same old and give us more useless remedies I don't know, what I do know is something has to give, our household cannot keep up like this and its not fair on Jess that he should go through this every night.

If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it- I'm sure I'm not the only tired momma out there and I understand not all children sleep through or sleep well but I cannot handle not being able to help him.


  1. Have you tried taking him to a chiropractor?

  2. No I haven't to be honest its a very scary concept for me my middle son had percussion treatment done as a bay and it seems so rough but thank you I will def look into it now that he is a bit older.