Monday, 15 December 2014

am I just crazy or what

You know Im sure Im not the only woman to go through this, but there is someone I know another woman who has this irritating habit with other woman where is like oh I have this to give away Im sure it will fit you cause its to big for me etc, am I right am I crazy maybe I am.

Make no mistake I am all in reality about my body I don't think Im thin or that I have a great body but I know my size and can judge pretty well by looking at someone if we are the same size etc- look Im really proud of my body this year I have come a long way and lost a lot of weight but it really irks me, as someone who has seriously suffered with a bad body image I know how damaging it can be to hear something like that and it does hurt you kinda look at the person like excuse me, come again, say what cause you cant quite figure out if the person is just insecure and trying to make them-self feel better or if they are just being mean or if they really believe what they are saying.

In any case I just cant understand it and its gotten to the point where I really have to hold my tongue because I really cannot confront this person, I don't know if its me I know I would be like I'm sure it will fit we are about the same size that can be interpreted both ways and is a lot nicer.... oh well guess I just have to deal with it grrrr

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