Tuesday, 9 December 2014

More than just a mom

I know this title is not the greatest but I would like to get to my point and then it will make sense.

I have noticed over the last while so many moms friends and acquaintances who feel that they are a mom and that that this the only thing that defines them, they and myself included are in mom mode all the time and feel guilty for even taking a few minutes of for ones self, to have that night out with the girls or a sick day in bed, its tough being a mom because you don't want to miss a thing, you don't want to ever let your child feel that you are not there even for a second, Gods forbid one day they may remember that 5 minutes extra you took in the bath or that night out you had when they were three, it sounds so silly when you put it down in black and white but it is a reality as a mom, and I think that's why so often we look back after having children and feel that we have somehow lost ourselves along the way, that we are someone we don't recognize and that we have forgotten that we are woman and people we are more than just a mom that is one awesome path that helps define us but it is one of many.

We are not just a mom, a wife or a mother we are a woman, we laugh we cry, we like to read, walk, shop whatever it is you enjoy...

So with this piece and I'm going to post this on some of the moms sites I am on, I encourage everyone to post a picture of yourself that makes you feel like a woman and reintroduce yourself not just as a mom but as a woman, your likes dislikes hopes and dreams what you like about yourself...

So let me introduce myself:

This is me, my name is Chastin Dreyer and I am 27 years old and Pagan, I love history and true crime, I love to read and write, I studied to be a fashion designer at CPUT but now work as a receptionist.  I love corsets and any gothic form of fashion, when I dress up I feel like I can be myself and get away from reality for a while, I'm a bit of a geek because of my hubby and his ways... he is a bad influence, and a bit of a freak I don't tend to fit in especially with a lot of other woman my age, but I love my life and so far have accomplished all I ever wanted and more, I'm stubborn and passionate when I serve a cause and it can get me into trouble and if you have a place in my heart and life you will have it forever, Im pretty much happy with my body there are a few things I would change but as I'm attempting to learn to accept myself as I am, I do like my eyes though.

I am more than a mom, I am a mom, a wife a mother, a best friend, a lover, a partner, a nurse, a comforter, a coach, a cheerleader, a realist, a banker, a referee, there are so many hats that we wear as a woman.

you're turn ladies...

One more thing before I go- Ladies you are all awesome you are all gorgeous woman who are amazing moms, you should all give yourself a thousand stars for the love and care you give to your children and other selflessly on a daily basis, if you get invited out, take the opportunity go, I promise you not only do you deserve it but it will only make you a better happier mom!

And if you are not a mom, you are still amazing and worth more than you will ever care to admit or know, that is part of what makes us woman after all.

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