Monday, 8 December 2014

Mom of Boys....

If you ask anyone about me the 1st thing most people will mention is that I'm a mom of 3 boys; and I would hope that the reason for this is that I am incredibly proud of them and I just love having 3 boys so much.


Growing up I didn't expect to have three boys I planned for the whole 1 of each saga and then maybe 1 or 2 more if my husband and I wanted it that way, I think that by the end of highschool I was envisioning 4 children if I could afford it, well I came close as we have 3.

In any case so many people ask me didn't you want a girl or when I could are you going to try again for a girl, the answer is...

Yes there have been fleeting moments when I have envisioned this little gothic doll all dressed up, fafing and cooing over make up and all the cute designs and clothes I could make and buy, shopping with her, and one day even sharing the moments and joys of pregnancy with her etc..... but to be honest anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm probably not cut out to be a girls mommy, sure if I had a girl I would make it work but I much prefer the rough and tough lifestyle that comes with boys.

I don't mind getting dirty or when they jump on me because its time to play wrestle or combat, I enjoy playing with action figures and cars, I would take that over barbies and tea parties any day, although Gabriel has had me sit down for a teach party and has asked for a doll, which then became an action figure when he was at the store.

I think it is normal for a woman to feel like she should have a daughter, someone that reminds them of themselves and someone to leave behind as a sort of imprint of yourself on the world, but I see so much of myself in my boys and that is more than enough for me.

When I found out I was having them I was ecstatic I didn't care what they were quite frankly a boy or girl I would love them either way because they were mine, I will admit that after finding Jesse was another boy there was a 2nd of an ah moment but that was because we had been told he was a girl at the 1st scan and I had gotten used to the idea.

I remember the disappointment from certain family members that came with us finding out Gabriel was also a boy- it didn't last long but it did hurt because I already loved him so much, I understand also that a father would like a little girl to spoil and cherish but a child is a child and after what we had gone through already I was just so happy he was healthy.... I remember thinking that if I had been born in a different time I would have been worth my weight in gold for producing 2 male heirs.... I watched a lot of period pieces and Im a history buff so trust that to be the thing to cross my mind....

I cannot explain the joy of seeing them for the 1st time it was just pure love I have never felt that happy before and so in love with someone I had just physically seen and met for the 1st time, it was just incredible, and I can honestly say it was like that with all 3, I just fell completely head over heels all over again.

The 1st time I saw Loghan

The 1st time I saw Gabriel

... I do not have a pic from Jesse's birth it happened so fast that we only have a few videos....

So now I live in a testosterone driven home- 3 boys, 1 husband, 3 male rats... and 1 poor female cat who is the only other female thing in the house to back me up and well she is a real little.... never mind.

It can get a little overwhelming at times and I have found in meeting other moms that there seems to be a set pattern and signs that you are a mom to boys especially to all boys:

1) the house is always loud, there is always noise and laughter, fighting rumbling and tumbling.
2) the cupboards are always bare and you can never have enough food
3) you have a full blown medical kit with an option of at least 4 or 5 plaster prints
4) there is always some sort of smell lingering in the air....
5) he who smelt it dealt it
6) you dont even bat an eyelid at a fart or burp
7)You constantly need to tell them to stop that, don't pull my clothes, don't do that and leave your brother  alone!
8)you shrug off any injury that doesn't require hospitalization because it is a normal everyday occurrence.
9)you are used to a Jekyll and Hyde persona of being loved the one moment and then wrestled to the ground the next
 10) there is always something hidden in their pockets
11) they lose or misplace everything- Ive bought 3 jerseys alone this year and 2 pairs of school shoes
12) sticks are not just sticks they can be ANYTHING, I even have a book on it
13) there is ALWAYS pee on the floor, the toilet seat is always left up and you constantly have to remind them to clean their hands
14) you better learn to be ok with bugs, snails and any creepy crawly
15) you cannot remember when last you ate but you can remember every character in a certain tv series they enjoy
16) Boys are little nudists
17) you know every medical number, doctors number and hospital or doctors practice withing a 20km radius.
18) they go through clothes like anyone does underwear and you can never figure out quite how the stains got there in the 1st place
19) they love to wipe their noses on everything
20) Finally there is no other greater love than a son has for his mommy!

I am exceptionally proud to be a mom to 3 gorgeous monkey boys, yes life with them is crazy, loud and chaotic but I wouldn't have it any other way!

ou find yourself willingly holding a living creature that you would usually run away from screaming.
2. A girl makes eyes at your son and you have this weird urge to pull her aside and call her a “slut” (whether she’s 6 or 16).
3. You have an unhealthy knowledge of the point/gem system for Temple Run, Dragonvale, Bakugan, Plants vs. Zombies, Cube Runner …
4. You can’t muster the brain power to recall what you ate for breakfast, yet you can inherently transform a Transformer (without the 30 pages of directions it came with).
5. You bought a car based solely on how much equipment you could fit in the trunk.
6. Your child asks you to marry him and you’re totally considering it.
7. You know what a Ripstik is and you’re not afraid to use it.
8. You spend much of your days in a fog of fart odor and some of it is proudly yours. (What? How else can you impress your male offspring?)
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A little penis seems to be constantly whizzing by (well, let’s hope that’s your sons).
10. You’ve actually placed yourself under a tree with the feeling that, if that kiddo loses footing you’ll at least be there to break his fall.
11. You know the pain of stepping on a Lego … and may in fact, have one imbedded somewhere in your body right now.
12. There’s a finger in your eye, your ear, or up your nose and it’s not yours.
13. You understand what I mean when I say “bleacher butt,” as in, “My sits bones are literally numb, I have bleacher butt.”
14. There’s a rogue Bey Blade in your purse.
15. You’ve found yourself saying things like, “No, you can’t ride the dog.” and “Yes, you do have to keep your pants on in public.
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