Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lush Birthday and Xmas Haul

Ok so I am quickly becoming a teeny tiny bit of a LUSH addict, I cannot stress enough how amazing their products are, I was lucky enough to get quite a few products for my birthday I have also tried out a few more testers, again they want to give you testers so don’t be shy to ask, I'm also going to list a few xmas gifts that I have purchased and why.

Dream Cream

This I only have a tester of but I am so in love with this product I plan on putting it on my Christmas list, I suffer terribly from a form of hand eczema… yes totally arb I know but that’s a story for another day, anyhoo it gets really bad in the Summer and I am yet to find a product other than cortisone that completely alleviates all the issues that come with it.

So when I stepped into Lush yesterday and was greeted by a fairy shop assistant I asked her for help and of course being a LUSH employee they are always super happy to help and they are trained so well they know their products so well which I think is just amazing.


So she recommended this product, it contains oat milk and rose water- I did have trouble penning the smell it doesn’t smell bad but I don’t think it smells great either, what I can say is that this product works even after the 1st use I could feel the difference in my hands and after several uses my hands are soft, there are not itchy or painful, I was very impressed with this product and highly recommend it to anyone with skin issues.

 Charity Pot

Next up is the Charity Pot which I also just got a sample of, it is also marketed as an all round body lotion but is aimed more at creating a soft and glowing skin appeal, what I really like about this product is that the entire amount of what you pay minus the taxes is donated towards a small charity, not 5 % or 10 % like most retailers tend to do but everything, it is nice to see a big organization actually put their funds to good use.

The smell of this product… again I couldn’t quite pen the smell, it did smell a lot like aqueous cream to me so  suppose it is relatively unscented, according to the ingredients they use Colombian Cocoa Butter.

 I haven’t used much of it but I think it is a really nice gift idea especially for someone who would take that donation as like a 2nd gift if you understand what I am saying.

 D'Fluff Shaving Cream

This next one I am completely head over heels for as well and that is the D’Fluff Shaving Cream- Oh my Goddess I am not over exaggerating when I say I just love this product.

It is made with fresh strawberries- it doesn’t smell like strawberries but if you have smelt fresh strawberries you would have realized that the overpowering sweet scent we have come to know as strawberries is overly exaggerated and false.

It has a lovely smell, I used this product last night, the 1st time I just put it strait onto my legs and I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t lather and the lady in the shop specifically showed me how well it lathers up, so I tried again but this time I mixed it with water and lathered it between my hands before use and that did the trick, a little went a long way so I know the small pot that I got is going to last a long time which makes the price of the product so much better because they are quite expensive.

I must just say that my legs feel just amazing this morning they are silky smooth and smell amazing, my hubby cannot stop smelling me…. No that is not weird at all

 Northern Lights Ballistic

Looks Amazing doesn't it

The end result

This next product I was a bit dissapointed in and that is the Northern Lights Ballistic and this is only because I was told that this product created the most amazing bath display neon colors that erupt in the bath etc, eh the result was not great as far as that is concerned it was pretty don’t get me wrong, it contained yellow and blue and bright pink and the end result was a beautiful magenta colored bath water that I will say was incredibly soft and smelt heavenly, it did make for a lovely bath but I think as it is one of the more high priced ballistics it is not something I will be buying myself in the future…. I would not say no if it was gifted to me though of course as it is great it just wasn’t what I expected.

Comforter Bubble Bar

This next product  I got it as a gift as well as bought it for a gift and that is the Comforter Bubble Bar.  I haven’t used one of their bubble bars yet, but it smells like blackberries… I actually just want to eat it.

BTW be warned never taste a LUSH product they taste bad…. No I didn’t taste one on purpose… just know they taste bad and that taste does not go away so don’t do it no matter how good it smells.

It turns the water a lovely purple and creates mountains of bubbles that actually last and the great thing well what I think is great about it is that it can be cut up and used for more than one bath so that’s a money saver!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Just looking at it I would never buy this product

This next one I could not stand, I received the sample from a friend and I have to say do not buy this product unless smelling like you have been dumped in a vats of sugar candy it is sickly sickly sweet, some people rave about this product I just thought it was terrible and I will not buy this product for myself or anyone unless that someone is a teenage girl.

 Aqua Marina Facial Cleanser

The Aqua Marina face cleanser I received for my birthday, it is sort of a light pink mousse made with kaolin clay and seaweed, I did not like the smell of this product it is supposed to smell like the sea but I didn’t think so I think it smells like calamine lotion, but when I tried this product oh my stars it is amazing.

I actually said to my hubby I have never been so devoted to a facial routine before I just adore this product, my skin is clear smooth and just feels refreshed I don’t even have to wear foundation at the moment and I NEVER step out of the house without foundation because my skin is usually terrible.

I use this product as a mask as well as a cleanser it works well as both. I will definitely be buying this product in the future and even more awesome is that with LUSH if you take back 5 facial products that contain a certain label the give you a face mask for free!!!!

 You've been Mangoed

This is one of their bath melts I received for my birthday, it is the 1st time Ive tried their bath melts and it was a really pleasant experience, the bar melts extremely easily so don't hold it or leave it in a warm place and once in the bath it slowly and I mean slowly melts into the bath water releasing a host of essential oils and making the bath not only smelt divine but feel divine as well, and of course it smells like mango's.

Personally i think this product is a bit expensive for the size and use of the melt but I would probably buy it as a special occasion treat or if I'm having a really run down day and just want to calm myself and feel amazing after. 

Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap 

The last gift I received was Fresh Farmacy which is a facial soap, this was a bit of a thing for me because I have been raised to believe that you NEVER use soap on your face even dove you just don’t do it, so I was a bit weary but I was not disappointed after using it- I double this up with the aqua marina and my skin has never looked better.

Again it also smells very much like calamine and rose as well… I don’t know why but they seem to love putting rose into everything, but that aside it is a great product and I just leave it on the side of the bath it doesn’t make a mess and dries well and it also looks pretty well at the moment anyway sitting on the side of the bath- I can tell it is also going to last a long time and I think that’s another thing that I just love about LUSH is the use of the product makes the cost well worth it.

Sjoe this is a long one…. I also bought the Butterball as well as the Karma bubble bar and Big Blue bath ballistic so I will ask their new owners how they feel about the products after they have used them.

I just love LUSH. LUSH, LUSH LUSH, I sound like an addict don’t I, I'm just happy to find such a great product that is all natural and actually cares about their environmental impact, we have been doing a lot in the house to try and switch over to more environmentally friendly ways, we have changed cleaning products, started cloth diapering although that was for other reasons but it helps all the same, next on our list is recycling… every bit helps.

Hubby and I don't do the whole xmas gift thing generally we just tell eachother what we want and get it so this year I just want LUSH as there are a few products that are now on my I would love to have list, i will probably only end up with 1 or 2 because they are quite expensive but it really is so worth it and I just want to add that if you are struggling with xmas gift ideas the staff are so helpful and they have something for everyone!

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