Monday, 22 December 2014


mommy what you doing... come a voice behind the door.

Uhm I'm bathing baby go downstairs....

are you bathing mommy?

yes I just said so baby go downstairs

but I need the toilet mommy

well then go downstairs


ok fine make it quick

comes in.....

mommy you're naked... giggles

Yes my boy I'm bathing, watch where you're peeing... sigh

mommy are you nearly done

yes my boy

runs out the bathroom

oi- come back and flush and wash your hands

comes back to do so

mommy arent you finished yet

yes my boy I'm coming

2 minutes later from downstairs ..... momeeeee

OK I'M DONE I'M DONE.... thus ends my bath

I don't know quite what it is about kids of that age that they just have to know where you are and what you are doing at all times even with another adult present they will still seek you out and demand your attention at the most in opportune times such as toilet breaks, bathing or that 1st cup of much needed coffee, its like there is no one in the world other than you that can solve their issue or help them...

My eldest has gone through this already and thankfully is at the stage that he will ask but once told will be like ok and carry on as long as there is another adult present he is happy, Jesse is at that stage where putting him down when he wants to be up leads to a tantrum and vice versa ..... major sigh, so Ive come to the following conclusion....

Being a mom means:

Cold coffee

The toilet is no longer a private place

No more lie in's

Cartoons are the tv staple and adult tv is saved for after bed time

You are the only one who can solve their problems

Juice, food etc always tastes better when made by you

They will always wait for you to put everything away before asking for more

They know when you are tired and will test your limits

Gym is running after your kids who has time for anything else

mommeeeeeeeeeeeee gets a bigger reaction than mommy especially when repeated several times at different pictures and with varying amounts of exaggeration

and finally you will never know a great love than what you have for those beings no matter how crazy it can get they will always be your heart!

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