Sunday, 21 December 2014

Random weekend

This weekend was a little bit crazy; after a disagreement with my mom in law on Friday we were not off to a good start, hubby and I were not on very good terms all because of a stupid misunderstanding and a whole heap of childishness.... this is why we pretty much stick to ourselves in any case by Saturday morning things seemed to have settled down and with it just being us 5 in the house again things went back to functioning as normal....well our kind or normal, yay!!!!

So on Saturday we decided to do the unthinkable and brave the shopping centers with the kids to do our xmas shopping- don't ask me why I thought this was a good idea but we went anyway.... the shops were a complete nightmare and my children.... were angels can you frikken believe it they were so well behaved I had to check their foreheads for a fever.

First we went into LUSH and I got some xmas goodies so excited, I will do a haul and review as soon as I have used them.

The boys had a ball there as the shop assistants were showing them all different kinds of bath bombs; we ended up walking out with the butter bear bath bomb free of charge as a gift to them, thank you LUSH ladies you made their day.

Then it was off to CNA for hubbies gift, he walked out with a game and a smile on his face, oblivion I think.... finally it was down to the kids gifts so hubby took them upstairs(after a looooooooooooooong wait for an elevator as we could not take the pram up otherwise) to Joe's Diner- we had never been there before but it was one of the only restaurants that looked child appealing and not packed to capacity, so I left my brave hubby there and off I went on my mission to Toys R Us.

Oh my Goddess.... the store was just nuts people everywhere grabbing things, trolleys bashing etc- I do not do well in shopping centers I HATE crowds and get extremely claustrophobic so I literally went into panic mode, I honestly felt like running out, that aside they were out of stock of pretty much everything the boys wanted but I wasn't going anywhere else, in the end I managed to find 3 gifts for the boys each and 1 for Jess, satisfied with what I had gotten and within my budget for once I went all the way back up again to find hubby and the kids, I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 very happy monkeys eating ice cream and playing the games provided by the restaurant, I sat down and had a milkshake myself- YUM does not begin to describe what that milkshake tasted like- the service was a bit slow but they were very busy other than that I will definitely be returning there when we can.

By the time we stepped out it was after 6pm and we got there just after 2 eek, when we got home I made wraps while the boys all showered and bathed with their butter bear bath bomb which they loved and they went to sleep like a charm after.... I call that a great success!!!!

On Sunday I had to step out quickly my bb had officially outreached my level of patience and I decided to take it in and at the same time sim swop to a micro sim so that I could make use of my hubbies phone till my upgrade next year, I also had to get Gabriel a bag for pre school next year as well as new shoes as he broke his at the nature reserve... thank you my child that's pair no 4 or so this year, as well as the Toys R Us lady left out one of the toys I had on the counter so I had to go get that.

We spent the rest of the day chilling at home and it was a really nice afternoon, Ive had a few people tell me that they don't feel like its xmas this year, my 2 older monkeys are with their dad this year, it does make me sad as I would love to see them wake up to their gifts but next year is our turn, its really hard being away from my children whether its xmas time or any normal day.... I think people really need to be more appreciative of their families and what they have, that's what this time is for never mind decorations and presents and food I think if we all take the time to do this then no matter what we have or don't have material wise this will be the happiest time of year.

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