Monday, 17 September 2018

Thomas & Friends Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie

Thomas the Tank Engine and the series of stories that have followed with him over the years have been a series I thoroughly enjoyed as a child and now thoroughly enjoy sharing with all of my children, I love how the series teaches children to deal with their emotions, their frustrations, how to problem solve and how to deal with difficult situations including social ones.

I will admit that I have always and will always prefer a book and the reading of a book in comparison to a series or movie based off of said books however I was pretty excited for the kids when I saw that a new Thomas movie was set to be released in theaters on October 8th of this year.

In Thomas & Friends Big World! Thomas leaves Sodor to fulfill his dream of seeing the world, his quest will take him across 5 continents as he explores desserts, jungles and dangerous mountains to see sights he has never seen before.

To add cherry to the pie, our very own Bobby van Jaarsveld sings the local version of the movies theme song.

I am eagerly awaiting that feeling of nostalgia when we are able to see this one and I know my boys will enjoy this to!

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