Monday, 17 September 2018

Gammatek puts fun back into collection with Funko

A toy collecting frenzy has taken the nation by storm thanks to the wonderful world of Funko Collectibles brought to SA by Gammatek; with rare and exclusive units, some only being made available to certain retailers and events creating a treasure hunting craze that is fun for the whole family.

"Funko allows people to connect through memories by giving people and opportunity to collect something that had a hand in sculpting them as an individual"

If you do not know what Funko collectibles are they are mostly vinyl figurines and bobble heads that encompass pop culture and all of the much loved characters that have helped us all mold and shape our lives in some or another way, if I look at my own life Logan or Wolverine was the inspiration behind my eldest son's name Loghan we changed up the spelling a bit but I have always loved the wolverine character and to be honest seeing his attitude, stubbornness and social difficulties that mask an honest loyal and overall strength speaks mountains to me when I look at my son and how his social difficulties and Autism has affected him and continues to mold shape and affect his approach to people on a daily basis, underneath the struggles lies a strength and resilience I am still in awe of on a daily basis so overall the Wolverine character will always hold a place in my heart as do a number of other pop culture characters over the years.

The first event exclusives, that were offered to the South African market were made available at Fancon Capetown which was held in April.  The units were special editions of Maleficent, Draiden Voss, and King Aragorn, a friend of mine managed to snap up the special edition Maleficent and I was incredibly envious.

If I look at all the possible things that one can collect or collect with your child the Funko range is in my opinion the most versatile even if you are not into conventional comic book characters the range spills over into the worlds of Nightmare before Christmas, Beetle Juice, Pans Labyrinth, Gargoyles and even The Care Bears.

I personally adore that the characters even the dark ones encompass a whimsical and child like appeal so I could quite happily display them in my home and around my children and I can share my love of the characters with them in what may be a 'lighter' approach so to speak.

I think that the figures make and amazing gift  considering you can find a figure to suit or fit anyone's taste the company is built on the principal that "everyone is a fan of something".

I was quite taken a back when I saw the list of new arrivals as I never knew that the range stemmed as far as it did and there are quite a few on the new list that have caught my eye.

Ending off the list with my favorite Wolverine =)

If you are looking for an opportunity to view one of the largest displays of FUNKO or are maybe looking to snap up an event exclusive the Rage Gaming Expo which is taking place from the 5th to the 7th of October at the Coca Cola Dome in Joberg
Start your Funko collection today and you too will soon realize how much FUN collecting can actually be.

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