Monday, 17 September 2018

Healing Skin Naturally with BaoCare

I have spoken about problems with my skin before on this space, it was an incredibly bitter disappointment for me having being told by all the adult woman around me growing up that after I had children my hormones would settle out and my skin would clear up I couldn’t wait to reach that point, unfortunately I had my children and my skin didn’t seem to get that message so here I sit 11 years post having my eldest and my skin is just as bad if not worse at times than it was in my teens.

It sucks there is no way around it and I am always looking for skin care that is gentle and as natural as possible to use on my skin which is already incredibly sensitive even without the added break outs thrown in.

When I first read about Acne Skincare by Baocare I was incredibly excited the product sounded amazing;

A 100% pure and natural skin healing range using the rare baobab oil as its foundational hero ingredient.

Baobab oil has a unique fatty acid profile with exceptional quantities of Omega 6 and 9 necessary to maintain elasticity, soften and smooth the skin and naturally regenerate new skin cells.  Baobab oil is naturally anti-inflammatory helping to sooth inflamed, problem skin

The organic wild harvested Baobab oil in BaoCare™Acne SkinCare provides the necessary hydration to promote healing.  Boosted by Tea Tree oil, Calendula and Evening Primrose oil, this expertly formulated blend is anti-microbial and contains high levels of linoleic acid to help balance sebum production.

BaoCare™ Acne SkinCare also contains Lavender, Rose Geranium and Clary Sage essential oils known for their beneficial aromatherapy properties.

Sounds awesome right?

I have to be honest though there is always a level of scepticism that dwells within me, when a product sounds so incredibly amazing more often than not it isn’t, so I thought I would give the product a month long trial run and see if it actually helped my skin in the way the product claims to do so.

I have been using it for almost 2 weeks, yes I know I said a month, but guys I am beyond pleased at the results I am seeing, having started off last week with a terrible break out all along my chin and nose area I simply spray the product onto a cotton pad and lightly wipe it around my chin nose and forehead areas twice a day, that’s it I mean come on how much easier could it get!

The smell of the product is to die for I love it so much and it doesn’t burn any of the inflamed affected areas of my face.  Usually my breakouts come through in clusters and become very irritated and painful, it usually takes a good week or so for it to even get past that point before my skin even starts to clear up again, after using the BaoCare Acne Care spray twice a day my skin feels absolutely amazing, my spots have gone done and settled within a few days there is no redness and no painful inflammation or even dryness which tends to flare up with my breakouts in those areas.

Normally I would feel incredibly self-conscious and aware of the spots and affected areas on my face which would lead me to touch my face all the time which is not great you transfer oils and germs from your hands and finger tips onto your face and further irritate the skin, you also upset the balance of the natural oils in your skin whenever you touch it so it is a great thing for me to not feel the need to do this and further aggravate the situation, my skin doesn’t feel irritated or painful which definitely kicks my confidence levels up a notch and means I don’t further aggravate the situation again by wearing makeup in order to feel better about the way my skin looks, it really is surprising to me when I meet people and they tell me that I have great skin, its make up guys I am incredibly pale with an uneven skin tone, I get terrible dark circles under my eyes as a result of both iron issues and sleep issues and when I break out I break out terrible leaving my skin terribly red and inflamed so all make up I’m afraid but it really has helped to find a product now that actually helps and give me the confidence boost I need to feel great when not wearing makeup allowing my skin to balance itself naturally and to breath.

There are 4 other skin healing products in the range:  100% Pure Baobab Oil, Radiance, Eczema Skin Care and Tissue Oil. I am dying to try the Eczema skin care out on both myself and my son.

Each is available in both a 50ml (RRP: R170.00) & 10ml (RRP: R44.00) bottle and can be purchased at all good independent health shops, Wellness Warehouse and online at as well as at

If you would like to read up on what more BaoCare has to offer you can like and follow their social media links below:


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