Tuesday, 14 November 2017

bumps, cuts and stitches... raising boys

Raising kids and in my case boys is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Yesterday afternoon my phone rang, and I just knew it had to be a school calling, I have developed such and anxious sense of knowing when it comes to my phone ringing at certain times of the day and my first thought was, crap what have the boys done now... a really bad habit that came out of the boys attending mainstreams schools where I got called on a daily basis to collect them.

In any case I checked my phone and was quite surprised to see my youngest sons creche name pop up on the screen, I called and when my sons teacher answered she replied with don't panic which in moms terms means panic, anyway it turned out Jesse got pushed by one of his friends and unfortunately ended up falling back and hitting his head on a wall corner which meant a doctors trip, his teacher sent me a pic and I was quite sure when I saw it that we would need to get stitches put in.

If this was the case he would be number 3 of my kiddos to have had stitches, Gabriel has had 3 lots already, first was a fall where he bit through his lip (which all 3 of my kids have done), second was a cut on the cheek and third was an elbow to his eye on the playground that lead to a fair number of stitches just along his eyebrow.

Loghan on the other hand had his finger severed in a door when the wind took it and he ended up going into surgery on my hubby's 3rd birthday, he also tripped and fell running out the bathroom at school and broke his two front teeth so those have been filled.

I'm not going to count all the minor injuries and near concussion in between... having boys can be a literal circus sometimes.

In the end the doctor managed to glue Jesse's head wound instead of stitching it closed which the nurses originally said would need to be done so I felt much better after that, it still hurt and he was so incredibly brave but I cannot imagine what it would have been like had we gone the stitches route!

Another grey hair to add to my collection!

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