Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Wait...what where did the time go

Is it just me or did the end of the year and the start of the silly season creep up on us ridiculously fast this year, I swear it was July just the other day and here we are headed on into December.

Personally this is my least favorite time of the year because everyone seems to go off their rocker, Cape Town is overcome by tourists and stores become overpriced and busy as anything, if it were up to me I would hibernate until January... no make that February and just pretend that it wasnt happening but of course this isn't possible when you have kiddos and mine have been particularly challenging this past month.

We all know how stressful exams are, I have discovered that it is only a million times worse when it comes to kids, trying to get my eldest to study has been a feat beyond my comprehension and I am sure I have gained more than my fair share of grey hairs thanks to it, but that is thankfully all done now and I can only hope that the marks will reflect all my... erm his hard work, seriously I never studied in school and now I have to force my beyond stubborn child to do so, I swear I know more now than I did then and I even did Maths work with him, Maths I mean can you even.

Anyhoo that is all behind us thankfully and we are going full steam ahead towards the holidays or as my annual leave form stated my compulsory annual prison term sentence... if you dont find that funny then you have no idea what its like to be cooped up indoors on your own with 3 mad monkeys for what is supposed to be your annual rest period, Gods I love my kids but by the time I go back to work I am in serious need of another holiday one where I haven't raised my voice a million times before 7 am and one when I can contemplate a period without food in my hair and some sort of control over my household that doesn't involve following the kids around cleaning, washing making food, separating them when they are fighting and repeat.

Still I do look forward to being at home with them even if my sanity comes away a little more shattered every year and I try to approach it with the best intentions, laying out plans for field trips and crafty projects that in essence are supposed to get us through the entire holiday period but end up being used up done and dusted after the first week, am I alone in this, another problem is of course that it is just not safe for me to take 3 kids out on my own to some places, even the beach gives me anxiety with all the crowds and children being abducted I just cant even, but hey we will approach this time as always with the upmost optimism and hopefully my kids wont hate me by the end of it all.

A few weeks ago a letter arrived in the post from Santa aka me telling the kids they are currently on the naughty list, this has come in handy when the kids start irritating each other or when they step out of line, if only this worked all year round but for now I am enjoying the leverage and taking full advantage, over the weekend we attended Loghans dance concert which did not go off as I hoped given that Loghan had missed the classes he needed to know the routine (circumstances lead to him not being able to attend) his teacher also asked him to appear serious during the song and he looked utterly miserable on the stage because of course he took this literally (silly monkey), however I was incredibly proud that he got up on that stage and gave it his all and that we had so many family members there to support him.

We also attended a xmas party on Sunday which the kiddos thoroughly enjoyed despite the wind, and I really am trying my best to foster the xmas spirit within the kids despite my disdain for this time of year and what it has become ie a commercialized, overpriced... eh you get the picture, being Pagan also means that if it were not for the kids I would not celebrate at all so it can be rather difficult to foster the excitement when you don't feel the same about the event in question but I am trying, I even thought of getting a proper tree for the kids this year but we will need to see where we are this holiday before I do that. 

My 30th is coming up next week as well, I am not one for birthdays but I feel that this year has been a learning curve of note and as difficult as it has been at times I really appreciate the lessons this year has brought.

How is everybody else feeling right now, are you looking forward to a holiday, do you even get a holiday here I am complaining when single moms don't get a break at all, I take my hat off I really do and I hope that if that is the case and you are not going to get a break that your festive season will still be filled with lots of blessings and love and that everyone stays safe and is able to enjoy this time with friends and loved ones.

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