Monday, 28 August 2017

Slowing Down and Updates

Guys where is the time going these days seriously I can’t even. 

This weekend I was completely run off my feet to the point where we overslept this morning but thankfully I still made it to work on time with most of my sanity intact.

Friday night I stood baking until late for a bridal shower on Saturday, Saturday I had to do our groceries as our cupboards were completely bare but hubby put a spanner in the works as he had to work so I ended up carting Jesse with, so of course I went over budget which I only do if I have the kids with me hence why I usually leave them at home but anyhoo I was just a bit disappointed and frazzled but I got home from shopping packed away and off I went to the bridal shower, I got home early evening and hubby and I both ended up passed out on the couch we were both completely wiped.

Yesterday we took Jesse for his first salon haircut, we still kept the length but he needed a good trim especially at the fringe, we tried out the kiddies hair salon at Eden on the bay and it was really nice, the lady who cut Jesse’s hair was so patient and lovely and then afterwards we decided to sit done for a cuppa on the beachfront which was lovely guys we never do it as we usually have a monetary excuse or we are too busy but this time I decided stuff it  and it was great, until yesterday I hadn’t realised just how busy things have been that hubby and I haven’t had much time to touch base with each other so it was nice to just slow down for a bit and take a breather together before the mad rush of the new week again.

Other kiddo updates…Gabriel has been on concerta for 2 weeks now and it has made a HUGE difference, he is actually doing his work and cooperating in class, he is coming home in a better space and at the end of the day that’s what counts even if it wasn’t the decision we wanted to make it turned out to be the best one but one step at a time, Rome wasn’t built in a day and we have a lot to catch up on now to ensure that he passes the year at the level we know he can.

Loghan is in a strange space right now for a long time he has been doing so well but after experiencing some let’s call it alpha male pack mentality behaviour (nice way of putting it) from another child at school he has been really out of sorts lately, moody as hell is putting it mildly but we are working on it and I’m sure we will get through it.

Personally I am on the last day of a 30 day challenge, I decided that whilst I am completely… well 90 percent happy with my weight I would like to tone because let’s face it you can be as tiny as anything and still have wobbly bits, I downloaded a 30 day challenge app on my phone which allows you to select certain area workouts i.e. arms butt and abs is what I chose and it outlays daily exercises for you to follow with rest days in-between, I have also tried my best to get back on track with mindful eating I won’t say diet because I actually don’t believe in cutting things out completely if I want chocolate I am mindful of that craving from my body and I will have some but instead of a slab I will have a piece or two… you get the idea.

I fell off the wagon quite badly over the last few months and I could feel my body slowing down, I wasn’t sleeping well and in general was just feeling really down and bleh, I have found that when I eat better my body responds better and my overall emotions and well-being shoot up.

With this 30 day challenge I have definitely noticed a difference not in weight but in toning and I really appreciate the 20 minutes of time to myself in the evening’s as well so yay for that.

Other things I have been enjoying are my podcasts, guys whether you are traveling in a car or cleaning up at home podcasts are the absolute shit seriously and there are so many different kinds my colleague found ones for knitting and meditation, there are children’s stories and music channels, personally I am subscribed to several history and crime/ paranormal channels, the latest one I found is called pleasing terrors and is a mixture between true crime, history and the paranormal not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m sure my neighbours think I am a bit loopy because sound carries in our street and I’m sure they have heard a few snippits here and there but I love it so much and I have never been an e book kinda girl as I could never replace the feeling and smell that comes with a good book in hand.

I’m also about to start working on a creeper blanket for Gabriel’s birthday in December, yes it’s a few months off but the blanket is made up of 100 squares and can fit a twin sized bed easily so I have a lot to get down and Jesse is turning 4 at the end of September so we have that coming up as well.

It’s been a busy year and I feel like time is just slipping away I mean we are going into September ie the silly season is but a few months away and I cannot handle that, xmas time is my least favourite time of the year, I really don’t enjoy the mad rush and the tourist bombardment but anyway what can we do hey.

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