Wednesday, 23 August 2017

First dentist trip.

Hello out there, I hope everyone is keeping warm, it appears winter has FINALLY decided to grace us with her presence for longer than a day and I could not be happier.

So first dentist trip... well not exactly I should rephrase it as the first dental trip that was due to an actual tooth issue and not a dental catastrophe caused by a fall and teeth against concrete which is what we had with Loghan.

You see on Thursday afternoon when I arrived to collect Jesse from creche he was screaming blue bloody murder, the teachers were not sure what the cause was they could only tell that his mouth was sore because that was where he pointed when asked, although he had eaten whilst in the midst of tears so they really weren't sure, we strapped him into the car and this child was full on hysterical with pain to the point that he actually threw up... EVERYWHERE.

So my panic stations start to set in and after dropping my colleague at home I raced through to the local Intercare only to walk in just as they had closed the doors, Jesse was sobbing, the other two monkeys were complaining and dragging feet, the receptionist came to the door and proceeded to tell me they were closed (duh) and that the doctor had already left but I could go through to the hospital if I needed help.

I felt pretty much defeated looking at Jesse in pain, my mommy heart wanted to race through but I couldn't see us sitting at the hospital with the other two in tow and I still wasn't sure what was going on so we drove home and by the time we got there Jesse was calm so I decided to give him so panado and wait until hubby got home to decide what to do, thankfully he arrived a few minutes after I did, we both checked his mouth but in the poor lighting of the setting day we could not see an issue and by this time Jesse was playing happily so we decided to see how it went.

The evening went fine as did the next day until he ate supper on Friday night and began howling again, this time we took a proper look in his mouth and I spotted what I believed was a large cavity in his molar....

Internally I was freaking out I have never had a filling or a tooth pulled and my older two have great and strong teeth as well so what the hell right.

I got onto facebook to ask for dentist recommendations because it was going to be a Saturday and because I needed someone that would be able to work well with a child.

I then remembered that Loghan had dance and I had promised to take Gabriel out because he had a superb week last week.

So fast forward to Saturday I stopped at the dentist that was recommended at 9 and made an appointment I then went on to drop Loghan at dance and took Gabriel to an awesome place on the beachfront for a waffle, I need to share pics with you on another post because it was divine.

After that I raced home and took Jesse to his appointment, Jesse was quite anxious but the dentist was amazing with him so kind and patient she even reassured me, if you have read my previous posts about my wisdom teeth you will know I am frek bang of dentists so I was feeling rather anxious as well.

Anyhoo so fast forward and Jesse did indeed have a rather large cavity, my heart broke into a million pieces and I felt terrible for him, 40 minutes later the hole was filled and I had a much happier monkey which made me feel somewhat better.

When I arrived home it was with strict instructions that he will be brushing his teeth twice a day, no more juice around bedtime and most of all no sticky sweets as we do not want to dislodge the filling not only would it be painful but dental work is expensive and we already have to go back in a mouth to check on everything.

Hubby remarked that he obviously has his teeth and not mine, my hubby is padantic about his teeth he brushes twice a day or more flosses the whole works and his teeth are so incredibly week its not even a joke where as I brush once a day and am dam lazy with teeth care and I dont have any issues what so ever, of all the things to inherit I tell you.

I am just glad all is done and dusted and Jesse is no longer in pain, seeing him in that state was quite traumatic to say the least I have never had an experience like that before where one of my kids actually threw up from pain, even when Loghan severed his pinky in the door a few years back he did not get to that point and it was incredibly scary.

Sigh, parenting at its best.

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