Thursday, 6 July 2017

Growth spurts and other boy mum mumbles

You would think that by having three boys there would never be a shortage of hand me downs in our household, you would think that but you would be wrong. 

You see whilst Loghan has reached the point where he is now taking care of his clothing (thank goodness- have you seen the price of tween clothing these days) and most of his stuff can be passed on to Gabriel, both of them have very different builds (and tastes) and Gabriel is much shorter meaning when I do pass items down they do not fit properly, and the age gap between Gabriel and Jesse is 4 years, taking into account that Jesse is also small for his age I just cannot fathom keeping clothing for 5 years before they fit him.

The other day I went into Gabriel’s closet, I was sorting through and I realised that after a sudden growth spurt he has almost no pants to wear, that aside the rest of his pants are either ripped or stained to the point that nothing lifts the stain completely because well Gabriel is a complete Feral child and every day he comes home filthy from head to toe with something or another ripped or stained, he also has a nasty habit of wiping everything off on his clothes which drives me insane, my other two don’t do it and I always end up having to change Gabriel before we go out anywhere nice because without a doubt the outfit I originally set out will be dirty by the time we need to leave.

I also have to be mindful of Gabriel’s issues with texture so he hates Jeans as does Loghan, but you know every once in a blue moon you would like to go out and have your child look halfway decent and not in the same ol tracksuit pants and t shirt.

Jesse loves to wear the same old things over and over again and he also refuses at this point to wear jeans or as he terms it cold fabrics, I have tried heating the pants up with a heater and he still won’t… sigh.

I can’t keep up, if it’s not growth spurts all one after one another its Gabriel deciding that riding a bicycle whilst dragging his brand new shoes along the pavement is a good idea, how do other moms keep up, am I the only one who goes through this?  I mean sometimes I will hold an item up and say aloud like how seriously how did they manage to rip that particular item in the particular place or how did they in the span of 2 weeks manage to grow 2 shoes size (I kid you not it just happened with Loghan).

Don’t even let me get started on food consumption, where do they put it all it’s a conundrum of note =)

I look at the boys and every day they are just growing and changing and to be honest it’s scary I mean they aren’t even teenagers yet what am I going to do then, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, my word.

I can say this much being a mum…and a boy mum my life will never be dull or boring =)

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