Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Will we make it…can we do it

Yesterday I received this picture from my hubby.

At first I laughed, we even jested because he remarked on how much the boy in the picture looked like our youngest, I asked if he was implying that he would be the worst of the lot come his teen years and he remarked that at least we would only have 2 teens in the house at any given time.

I have to say there are many times when I think to myself, gods help us when they are teens, they already have the attitudes and appetites now what will they be like when they get to 13… which for Loghan is 3 years from now.

Three years is an incredibly short period of time in the larger scheme of things and I find myself wondering where the time has gone, it seems like just yesterday it was all nappies and bottles and now we are talking about anti-perspirant and when we will have the dreaded sex talk…

Will we survive… I have heard so many horror stories from friends with teens… and I know I sure as hell wasn’t all peaches and roses in my teen years…. I’m scared guys, seriously how do people do it.

Then I find myself thinking well if we have been through so much now maybe… just maybe we will get a reprieve in the teen years… wishful thinking right remember my post about the Threenager…

Then I think about the other side, the side that means my kids… well Loghan for now at least are becoming more independent, soon they won’t want to be seen around me, I will be the mark of shame, the overzealous, often cautious parent who fears the all to heavy realities of today’s world… will my heart survive it…

And in the end who will give us the most uphill getting there and will we survive that, sanity intact… I already have grey hairs and wrinkles… oh the wrinkles!

Getting older and watching your kids grow older and going through the years with them is incredibly scary and eye opening, as a child you feel immortal and when you have kids morality heads you like a 10 pound brick in the face, you try your best to mould and teach them, you laugh, cry and scream… sometimes all in the course of one day… or less.  You wonder how you are going to get through it and yet you do… I know we will, the possibility of lucid sanity and a full head of hair is however debatable!

Do you have a teen or will you have one soon, how are you coping and do you ever wonder how you will get through it?

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