Sunday, 29 January 2017

Teaching Compassion and Empathy

If there is one thing i have always tried to instill in my children it is compassion and empathy towards others.

Growing up one of the memories that stand out for me from primary school was attending a local old age home with our school, families of the school donated flowers and cakes and a small group of us children volunteered to attend and give the items out to the ladies and gentleman in the home, that trip had a very lasting impression on me, I remember the sadness I felt seeing these people, moms, dads, brothers and sisters, mostly forgotten neglected and lonely even as a child it broke my heart and still weighs on me to this day...

Another memory was several trips made to the red cross children's unit to deliver and donate soft toys in high school... so many beautiful and innocent children who are abandoned there by their parents or are neglected and unattended; again it broke my heart and so I have always tried to ensure that my children are compassionate and empathetic towards everyone, especially those who are less fortunate than us and there are so many and we are so incredibly blessed, perspective is so much clearer when you see it through the eyes of someone who has nothing.

So today i was incredibly proud to be Loghan's mom when he volunteered to help a dear friend of us deliver food to the homeless, he asked to go out of his own and I was told that he was incredibly kind and compassionate and this made me so incredibly proud, I was also proud to have a friend who goes of herself so selflessly even though she does not have much to give, giving a part of her weekend every week to cook and give out.

I am so incredibly proud to have raised such a gentle soul and I hope that all my children will follow suite!

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