Thursday, 9 February 2017

If you’re tired and you know it….

Good Morrow everyone… I wish you could hear the dripping sarcasm…

I’m sorry it has been a whirlwind of a week and I really just haven’t had the energy to put a post together but here I am and here we go.

So just a few updates, Loghan is doing incredibly well in his new school, I cannot begin to explain the change in him, for the first time in years he is happy and willing to go to school, and happy when he comes home, he will tell me excitedly what he gets up to everyday, how they did a new experiment or how he got to swim or has made a new friend, I also had the chance to look at some of his books and I was gobsmacked because last year I could not read Loghan’s writing on a good day and was convinced he would just have to become a doctor (like that is a bad thing right) but this year his writing has improved tenfold and I will say it a hundred times over I am incredibly proud of him.

Jesse has had a very emotional week, I don’t know if he is getting sick or if he is just going through some sort of irrational toddler emotional rollercoaster but he has been incredibly ma en pa vas so it has been crazy to say the least.

Then there is Gabriel…. Who is struggling big time at the moment at school to the point where the school has approached Red Cross, which I understand but at the same time I am frustrated and angry because I know this rollercoaster journey all too well and I am not ready or willing to ride it again when all it will mean is dosing him on meds which I do not believe Gabriel needs, yes Loghan is on meds and I agree that he needs them but I firmly believe that Gabriel does not… he is a big dreamer, he gets tired easily and is very slow and yet constantly in motion, he has to sit on a ball or fidget with his hands constantly and this of course has led to problems in a class whereby there are over 30 kids fighting for attention, I know he can do the work because if I sit with him one on one he gets it done without issue or complaint albeit slowly but Loghan used to scream and argue and get frustrated, Gabriel actually enjoys the work and doesn’t mind correcting his mistakes when he makes them… so we are at a point I believe when looking at other schooling options is probably going to be the best thing for him.

I have mentioned before my thoughts and feelings in relation to home-schooling, I know that I am not qualified nor could we afford to do it ourselves (I need to work) and from Loghan’s school I have seen how incredibly beneficial the individual attention can be, so this is definitely an option we are looking into right now.

I’m not saying I don’t want an assessment done because I do, I am pretty sure that Gabriel has a sensory processing disorder, however I know from Loghan’s journey that although knowing your child’s diagnosis can be a big help on a personal/home level it also doesn’t help much at the same time because you are pretty much left on your own from there.

So it is a double edged sword, we will hopefully get him assessed before moving him if we move him, but for now I am on edge, not sleeping and back to being a nervous wreck, so yay for that… dripping sarcasm again.

It just breaks my heart to see and think of all the special needs kids who are struggling because of our school system and lack of support.

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