Sunday, 22 January 2017

Top of the world

Well we are heading on into the second month of the year next week and I have to say guys I am feeling absolutely FANTASTIC.

I told a friend yesterday if I had known it would take getting to my last year of my twenties to finally feel completely settled and happy within myself and my life I would have embraced getting older a long time ago =)

Physically, the increased water intake and focus on better eating is making me feel top of the world, I’m less tired, my skin is at the point where I am not wearing make up every day and over all I am just loving my energy and mood levels right now.

Taking the time to get ready in the mornings and allowing my hubby to help more (yes allowing because when it comes to our household I am a control freak… it is something I am working on), has done wonders for our household and I find myself feeling much more relaxed and I feel we both have a new found appreciation for each other.

Loghan is just blossoming before my eyes and I am just so happy with his progress, he is happier which means our household is happier so everything is running so much better and I go into work without feeling on edge the whole day waiting for a school phone call.

Gabriel is also making huge strides at school and I am so grateful for his new teacher, she keeps me up to date as requested and I feel like she put so much effort and time into Gabriel which makes my heart sing with joy.

Overall life is just… well great I feel like I am changing so much my mood, my outlook… my stress levels lol, I am so grateful for everything we have right now and for all the progress, I feel so incredibly blessed!


  1. Wow - seems everyone is doing so well. I am so happy that the new school is such a great fit

    1. Well I spoke to soon because I got a phone call yesterday to say Gabriel had a very bad day which a bit disheartening, but there will be bad days, Loghan is doing fantastic I could not be happier that we made the decision to move him