Saturday, 7 January 2017

Let's talk mom body insecurities

So I don't know about everyone else but the state of my boobs has never really been a big thing for me...until recently anyway

In high school up until my grade 11 year I had big boobs but I also had a fuller figure and everything balanced out nicely , then I lost a ton of weight my boobs were the first things to go btw and I went from a large c to a small b, no problem I was still happy they suited my smaller figure they were still in my oppinion great and so no worries.

Then I fell pregnant with loghan and suddenly had dd's which were terrible I hated them, they hurt I could never find cute well fitted bras and so when I stopped breastfeeding I was all too happy to go back down to a b, at this stage they still looked ok in my oppinion and to be honest I am not a plastic surgery fan, personally it is something I would only pursue if I was horrendously disfigured or it was for health reasons...

In any case 3 kids, 3.5 years of breastfeeding and yo yo weight gains and losses has now gotten to a point where I am bothered by my chest and honestly it is affecting certain bedroom antics if you get my drift I just don't feel comfortable on many levels and I'm not sure what to do, gods know my hubby is happy and does t care but it's really causing a problem for me and it's honestly rediculous as logically I know why they aren't what they used to be but I just can't move around this, kind of crazy that we as woman in general and thanks to society usually stem so much of our femininity through breast size, butt size length of hair etc.

Honestly I have plenty of lumps and bumps love handles and a mummy tummy and yet I have an issue with my boobs that only my hubby sees and has no problem with... Completely illogical and yet I can't get past it argh!!!

Do you have a mom body issue something you can't get past that has changed in your body since becoming a mom? How do you move past it?

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