Sunday, 8 January 2017

High tea with old friends…

I don’t know about everyone else but I have found that as you get older your friends list dwindles down significantly to the point where my hubby and I have very few people we would term as friends and our list of acquaintances has become very much longer.

However I have also found that there are always one or two people that no matter what happens in life no matter how far apart you are or how often… or not often you see them, you just have that kind of relationship where your friendship is solid and when you get together it is as if you have never been apart.
This weekend was lovely and very relaxed, the boys are still at their father until tomorrow night and so other than a library trip on Saturday we basically just lay around at home watching Master Chef Junior, which by the way is frikken brilliant, seriously I am ashamed at my cooking skills but also amazed at the tenacity, skill and social level ability of these kids, amazing just doesn’t even cover it.

Then yesterday we started off with a good hour or so long walk along the beach…. When we became beach people I have no idea but hey it’s beautiful, its free and the kids love it so that is probably why.

After that we popped in at old friends for ‘tea’ and I have to say never I have I gone to someone for ‘tea’ and literally sat down at a beautifully prepared table with homemade treats that tasted of heaven and rainbows, seriously I felt like a special guest at an exclusive event.

Our friend ‘Tiffany’ who made everything actually just started his own blog where he does write ups of all the things he makes, including recipes, I highly recommend a drop in at Tiffany’s you won’t regret it, I am literally salivating at the thought of making those goodies from scratch because they were that amazing.

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Anyhoo it was such a wonderful afternoon catching up with them and I can honestly say that for us they are two of the people included on our very… very short list of friends, other than having to catch up on so much that we had missed out on it was as if no time had passed at all and I love that about them… I am thoroughly looking forward to our next afternoon meet up, I am just sorry that life can sometimes get to the point that you miss out on such wonderful conversation and company for so long.

Jesse was thoroughly exhausted when we got home last night and he was not very eager to start school this morning, I for one am thoroughly looking forward to the kids getting back into routine and everything going back to normal this week, I know I am not the only one and I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!

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