Thursday, 17 November 2016

World preemie Day

I remember the first time I saw you, a tiny purple grey face peering out from a wrapped blanket, the moment was so fleeting that I questioned many times after whether it was real or not... but it was.

You were whisked off to NICU before I had the chance to take in the wonder that was you and the first time that I saw you properly was in a NICU incubator covered in wires and lights, a ventilator sending oxygen to your undeveloped lungs... my heart broke that day... my first day as a mother and my heart was shattered.

Yet here we sit over 9 years later and there are still so many moments when I marvel at the miracle that you were, we were young you were not planned or expected but from the moment those 2 lines showed up on that test you were loved and we were blessed.

Born at 36 weeks you may not have been a micro preemie and at 2.5 kg you were not the smallest baby in the NICU nursery but the doctors were still concerned and worked very hard saying that if you made it through the night that we would be ok... and you did.

Those 10 days spent day in and night by your side watching as you opened your eyes for the first time, when we held you for the first time and when you nursed for the first time, my heart sang with every step.

I am incredibly grateful to every nurse that bought me a cup of tea and reassurance and to the doctor that even as I sat pregnant with your brother recognized me and then you and just could not believe that you were the same tiny mewling that he looked after for that time.

You beat the odds and still today have that fierce fighting spirit that I cherish and love.

You have taught me and shown everyone that preemies are incredible fighters and that nothing can bring you down.

I would like to acknowledge every preemie mom and preemie angel mom, to all the hours spent at their bedside, to every nurse and doctor who helped our little ones fight... I think of you and your little fighters today and thank the universe that we all have our children and moments thanks to the wonderment that is technology and medical staff today as well as the wonderment that are our children.


  1. I saw this hashtag trending today, very interesting day indeed. My cousin was born prematurely in the back of my dad's car lol. i remember it was even featured in the YOU magazine.

  2. wow that is amazing such a wonderment these babies are