Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Am I a paranoid momma... maybe..probably I dont know

Yesterday we received a notice in my youngest sons bag, I have received a few of them over the past 2 years and the notice basically outlined the importance of child health to our department of health and that government nurses would be dispatched to issue deworming, vitamin A, polio drops as well as general weight checks etc for the kids.

And I always check the same thing- no I do not give my permission and I have been called paranoid by more than one mommy in the past so I thought I would discuss my 'paranoia' on this space to see if I stand alone in my feelings regarding this.

My first stance is that I don't care who the person says they are, unless I can personally meet them and see in person that they work for an accredited clinic or hospital of my choice they are not issuing anything to my child, now it is not that I distrust the creche or school facility but I have walked out of a doctors room or clinic before because I have not felt comfortable with the medical practitioner in question and since I am not able to do so I just do not feel comfortable.

Secondly when my children have received their vaccinations I always check to make sure that the vaccine is double checked the correct batch number written down etc especially after the muck up last year with a very well know private hospital whereby babies were issued a full does of a tb medication instead of the vaccine, it is clear that everyone is human and even highly paid nurses from private institutions can make mistakes so rather be safe than sorry in my opinion.

Thirdly my children are all up to date with all their vaccinations, they are dewormed every 6 months and have actually just recently been done (last month), when it comes to deworming I do the entire household including the animals all together and I therefore feel more comfortable in sticking to this, it ensure that everyone is done and at the same time, the government letters only come out every now and then and if the skip a dose then it just screws around with that schedule so rather not.

Vitamin A is also a vitamin that should not be over done as it can affect your liver so I am personally more comfortable once again in sticking with the schedule and keeping them on regular supplements as well as introducing the vitamins via food sources wherever possible.

Now for anyone who knows my stand on vaccinations I am pro vax and particually when it comes to Polio there is a very sore spot in my heart over the number of people I know and have met who have had it and have permenant dissabilities because of it, however I did discuss this with my sons pead at one point and was told the vaccinations recieved are sufficient and therefore I am happy with what my trusted medical practioner and I have discussed.

Lastly when it comes to weigh ins etc my youngest has always scored under where he should be, my husband is tiny a size 4/6 equivalent in pants size and is short as well, my mom in law has often told me that she used to have to make all his clothes because nothing would fit and the same can be said with my son, he is only now fitting into the length of 2-3 year old clothing (he is just over 3) and the pants in particular still tend to fall off, since my youngest had very bad reflux as well as other issues we saw a pead on an almost weekly basis for his first year of life and all of them as we saw more than one said the same thing, given the family dynamics ie his father and that he was gaining if only at his own pace he will always be small and that is that nothing to worry about, I know he eats like a horse my fridge is proof thereof I know he gets fed very well at his school, full homecooked meals and healthy at that so I am satisfied with all of that.

So call me paranoid maybe I am, maybe I'm not but this is just how I feel and I am pretty sure if not confident that I am not the only one who feels the same.

What is your opinion do you make use of this service?

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