Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Dating your partner is important

I'm not going to lie Hubby and I have not gone on a 'date' in around 2 years, we have either not had the money or we did not want to leave the kids and I think it definitely plays a part in your relationship, without some time apart and alone together you tend to lose each other and so we were lucky enough this weekend to get out for a few hours no kiddos just us two and although it was strange it was wonderful as well.

Jesse went to play with his brothers for a few hours, we have previously looked after their baby brother on one or two occasions so my ex offered to watch Jesse in return which was very much appreciated and they had a great time together.

I dressed up =)

After dropping him we hopped on the bike and I stupidly forgot a good jacket so I froze my behind off all the way there which was sad because I LOVE bike rides and it took away a bit of the enjoyment for me, we went through to the Labia Theater in town and watched Florence Foster Jenkins, I cried all the way through it was so sad and so funny and so beautiful we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was wonderful to hold hands and lay my head on my hubby's shoulder like we were teens in love and honestly that is how it should always be I think we become so absorbed with life that we forget the small things so it really meant a lot to have that time.


Afterwards I was all peopled out, the theater was by no means busy but town itself is just a sensory overload, noisy dirty and busy not my cup of tea so I was happy to get back home, after coffee at my exes we got home and Jesse passed out he had a great day, we spent what was left of the day watching old movies and ate sandwiches for dinner it was lovely.

Peopled Out for the day

Jesse done for the day

After this adventure I have realized that hubby and I really need to take a few hours every month for ourselves even if it is just a walk on the beach or an ice cream or something, it really did just make my weekend so wonderful and I was reminded again just how much of an amazing partner hubby and best friend I have.

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