Monday, 19 September 2016


So I said I was going to do this and after receiving a really gorgeous bikini from a friend last week I decided screw it I'm just going to try it on and see how it goes....

So here we go mum tummy and all ladies...

I will admit going out in public like this scares the hell out of me, but after speaking with said friend this morning I have decided that I will at some point this summer go out because what is the point really otherwise, yes I have a mom tummy, I have lumps and bumps but I carried 3 kids and had 3 c sections, through all my life even at my smallest I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now so why not.

So now ladies its up to you I challenge you no matter your size, lumps and bumps get into a costume snap a pic and share it on social media because you can and because you should, because you are beautiful and perfect just as you are and because your body is an amazing beautiful thing that you should be proud of!!!! 

Share it with the #SwimsuitBodyLoveChallenge and lets show the world that you dont have to be society perfect you can be who you are because who you are is beautiful!

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