Monday, 4 July 2016


There is a fair enough age gap between the boys and Jesse for me to have forgotten just how much ‘fun’ the toddler years can be… don’t get me wrong it’s probably my favourite stage in respect of learning and progressing, it’s also when your little one develops their own space and personality which I love and adore but and there is a big but it is also the most frustrating and tearful stage worse than a colicky reflux orientated no sleep baby stage sometimes and here are some of the reasons why… 

If you don’t have a toddler yet here are some of the wonderful things you have to look forward to.

-          This is the stage when they learn to say no not just no but no with defiance and definite intent.

-          Don’t sit on the counter… why? Don’t touch the sharp object or stove… why?  Everything is questioned and no matter how well you explain to your toddler that you are seeking their best interest and well-being guaranteed they will still reach for that sharp object or attempt to climb up on that counter.

-          Tantrums… full on crazy ass tantrums in public or where they can draw the most attention and embarrassment… yip 

-          Independence.. can be a good thing.. can also be frustrating as hell when you are in a rush to get out the door and they insist on dressing themselves one painstaking item of clothing at a time slowly now we must do this right… oh look a cookie… what was I doing again oh yes getting dressed…

-          They seem to have an internal alarm clock that goes off every time mommy and daddy attempt to cuddle or have any sort of alone time

-          What they eat today and love today may not be the same tomorrow or even within the next hour… but you loved bananas yesterday… not any more sometimes they will even ask for something and I kid you not by the time it hits the table it is no longer what they want or what’s on your plate may become more enticing and they want that instead.

-          They like to cause mischief case in point I opened my make-up case this morning and someone… not pointing fingers her (JESSE) had opened a loose powdered eye shadow and tipped it out all over my make-up bag, yay me!

-          They never get into trouble because they are so stinkin adorable and cute… case in point I fetched Jess from crèche last week and was told he had sat time out for the first time, the crèche owner said she walked passed and saw him and couldn’t believe it and felt so sorry for him she picked him up for a cuddle and he burst into tears so she ended up sitting with him and cuddling him until he calmed down.

Finally they will tug at your heartstrings with the amount of love they exude at this stage, they can tell you they love you with meaning and without you saying it first, they can tell you about their day, they can help you and help themselves and they can grow and learn on a daily basis and make your heart melt so that the frustration and craziness all disappears with the wind.

Ah the toddler years… ah the joys =)

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