Thursday, 7 July 2016

Adult time post having kids

Were all adults here right I don’t know of anyone underage reading my posts and if they are I apologise and ask that you herewith stop reading…. 

Earlier in the week I posted a piece on toddlers and I mentioned how toddlers always have a sense like an internal alarm system that sounds every time daddy and mommy want ‘alone time’.

Personally I believe that a happy sex life whilst not everything in a relationship or marriage is incredibly important and can often alleviate so much stress and frustration in your life as a couple; I am not saying it is the answer to everything but statistically couples who enjoy a healthy happy sex life are more likely to have a great marital life and are less likely to go down the road of divorce.

So I come to marriage life post children, when you have one child it’s easy enough to navigate around sleep times and to have a bit of privacy (you may not think so if you only have one but have another and we will chat again) but post two or three especially when you are co sleeping… eh not so easy, the bedroom is off limits, you don’t want to take the chance of your kids waking up or walking, spontaneous quickies are great but sometimes you want some romance, I am at the point where renting a hotel room for a few hours is sounding more and more appealing.

I kid you not when I say every time my hubby and I have done so much as held hands this past week Jesse has either intercepted the moment and pushed us apart (my mommy) if he is awake or woken up in the lounge where he sleeps before we go up to bed if he is asleep so it’s been a bit frustrating on the home front, my hubby and I have a great sex life and it does affect our mood if we don’t get some sort of alone time together.

So my solution was to get up extra early this morning see the kids off to school and then go home quick before leaving for work… easy enough right… nope what do I go and do I go and sleep through my alarm I kid you not it was going off right next to me and even though I heard it, it sounded so distant to me that I thought it was my hubby’s phone going off downstairs… so there went that plan out the window as I was now late and needed to get to work no time for any stop offs…. Bleh

FAIL of note.

I love my kids but hells bells I need to adult time eek!!!!

I know this is a tmi topic but what do you do to get some sort of time out with your partner?

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