Friday, 10 June 2016

Its a wonderful feeling

For pretty much my entire life I have struggled with my weight and the way I feel about my body, since I was a little girl my weight has yo yo’d to the point of being obese as well as underweight, there was a point in my life where I firmly believed that you had to be thin to be beautiful and for people to like you.

I know now that that is all utter hogwash, you don’t need to be thin to be beautiful or to love yourself what you need is to be happy within yourself, healthy and confident.

At this point in my life which has not been the easiest I will be honest I truly feel that I am at my most confident, there are off days in between but otherwise I like my body and I am happy with who I am I feel healthy, confident and above all comfortable within my own body which is something I have never known even at my smallest I hated my body and felt it wasn’t good enough, now post 3 kids I feel that I have developed a better relationship, appreciation and understanding of the beauty of a human body that I never had, I look at the stretch marks, the lumps and bumps and I am proud, when my hubby tells me I’m beautiful I don’t push him away I smile, it’s a wonderful feeling and it is something I wish for every woman, because the truth is there is beauty in everyone and everything you may not see what others see but it is there and it’s all about learning to appreciate and love yourself for the beauty that you ignite in others as much as yourself.

I am so incredibly happy to have reached this point in my life, I feel great, I feel loved and I think that it shows, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and that you take the time to look and appreciate the love and beauty within yourself and that which you inspire in others!

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