Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday updates and musings

Good Wednesday Everyone!!!!

Things thankfully have settled down this week, the boys started at their new creche/ aftercare on Monday which was a great success!  

Loghan and Gabriel are very happy they get the individual attention and stimulation that they need and of course there are huge play areas for them so they have been in their element this week.

Jesse has found it more difficult to settle although he is fine after I leave he does cry and cling to me when I leave and has now taken to a dummy after 2 years of being in this world and not having any interest in one!  I know it will pass and he is in good hands so I am not concerned, he has known nothing else other than the previous creche he was at so I can understand it must be confusing and overwhelming for him but during the day he is fine and the teachers have all said he has settled well into the class.

So that was an incredible weight off of my shoulders and meant that I actually slept well on Monday night after over a month of really bad insomnia and restless nights; it was WONDERFUL!!!!!

We also had the boy’s parents evenings on Monday, now as a mom of 2 kids with learning/ behavioral disorders parent evenings are always the worst I spend the whole day with a knot in my stomach anxiously waiting to hear what the teacher has to say and it’s not that they haven’t been doing well and most of the times we choose to see the teacher rather than the teacher needing to see us  but with these types of disorders anything can happen.

As it turns out I had nothing to worry about and we received amazing feedback from both their teachers that both of them are doing incredibly well- there are still one or two things we need to work on like Gabriel rushing his work and Loghan’s handwriting but other than that their marks were AMAZING and the teachers are all very happy and impressed with how far they have come since starting at Sunningdale, it just goes to show that perseverance combined with a good school and group of teachers who actually care makes the world of difference and I just want to say to all moms out there who are struggling whether your child has a mental, emotional, learning inclined or even a physical disability do not give up!!!!

There have been so many days where I have just wanted to crawl into a ball and cry when I have asked myself what did I do what more can I do? Am I a bad parent? Are we doing something wrong?

Yet every time we have pulled it together and pulled through, we have gone through years of therapy, every single specialist you can imagine we have tried every therapy and trick in the book, there have been tears…. many tears and so much frustration and yet here we stand at a point where our boys are doing incredibly well and have come so far!

They have showed everyone who doubted them or pushed them aside just what they are made of!

It has taken time and a lot of hard work from all sides but every day they strive to do even better and I just cannot explain how proud I am of them.

 I wish I could just go to all of the teachers etc who pushed them aside and show them with pride that we have overcome all of the obstacles and there are people who actually care and who should be teaching because they want to help, I swear there have been times where I have asked myself why certain people become teachers when they do not have the patience or even seem to like children but that is another post entirely.

In any case my point is don’t give up don’t stop trying it does get better and every milestone you reach will be a moment of incredible pride and joy that far surpasses all the frustration and struggles. Just keep swimming, don’t give up and don’t allow your child to give up!

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