Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Doom, DOom, DOOM

So I'm not going to beat about the bush here the last 2 weeks have been pretty much hell for me between contracting a terrible stomach virus last week and suffering from a serious case of sinus and tension headaches with all the construction going on at work, ceilings coming down oh and a flood as well (yay us)

Now this week things went from bad to worse at my sons creche and now I am starting with the flu again, not to mention due to the upset at the creche Jesse has spent the last 2 evening in misery and confusion screaming his head off, it's been a bit crazy so as you can imagine I haven't really been up to blogging, every time I start a piece I end up deleting it I just feel well bleh and my brain feels like a slush puppy on a hot day....

I guess it comes from putting your trust in someone and then having them abuse their trust especially when it comes to your children, nut the kids are starting at a new creche/ aftercare come month end and honestly I think it will be a great benefit to us all, maybe Ill even end up sleeping again because getting a good nights rest has gone out the ol window as well, an unlike my insomnia ridden teenage self I actually enjoy and long for sleep in my older age so that just sucks....

Anyhoo that's enough passive aggressive rambling for tonight, crossing fingers I will start to feel more human and less like an agro grisly bear tomorrow.

OMW in other news I came home to a house full of feathers courtesy of our Kali cat but I couldnt find a bird which I found strange because Kali doesn't usually eat the birds she gets hold of she just plays with them until they reach their unfortunate demise... so we are sitting on the couch and suddenly hear a scratching from behind the couch... q psycho music anyhoo so we look behind the couch and there was the dove poor thing but despite being a bit ruffled he was fine and we manged to get him out and he managed to fly off ok... sjoe time for bed me thinks


  1. WAAAAA! At the bird! I would have freaked out!!!! I would have stabbed the couch to pieces (and probably missed the actual bird).

    Hope things calm down ASAP!

  2. I'm just glad we managed to save him because my cats body count is extremely high, my hubby is sick at home with Baba today hoping things will start settling down now