Thursday, 20 August 2015

What I have learnt since our office became a construction site…

So our building is undergoing some renovations and everything is covered with dust there is constant noise and it has been driving everyone dilly…

So I decided to do a light hearted post for all the ladies I work with to brighten what has been a very difficult week for all of us:

1.       Have a cup of coffee, or three before entering the office that way you are at least in a partially better mood than you would have been before the coffee.

2.       Do not bother to wash your hair or wear anything fancy because by the end of the day you will look and feel like you have walked through a dessert on a windy day and will look even more so.

3.       If you smoke take this time to be grateful of the few minutes away from the office

4.       If you don’t smoke you will probably envy those that do and may even start the pretense of such just to get out of the office

5.       Headache pills, pain pills and sinus pills are a must, expect the office to sound like a ward full of swine flu infected TB patients

6.       One bathroom and so many ladies….. insert cry face

7.       Remember to be weary of falling light fixtures and insulation particles that may or may not sound like I have finally lost the plot and thrown a piece of office equipment out the window.

8.       Last but not least when you are told “don’t worry this won’t last long”, remember to smile, walk away and throw a temper tantrum hissy fit behind closed doors because we all still need our jobs in the morning.

Love to all the ladies, stay strong this to shall pass… eventually… maybe in a week or two… ok I will just give the loony bin a call to check space availability….

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  1. What you write is soo true, however, I plan on ditching the morning coffee's and replacing it with red wine :)