Thursday, 20 August 2015

Feature Friday- Love My Home

Hi Everyone

So I have been doing a bit of mulling around in this heavy head of mine and decided that I really wanted to implement a Feature Friday and highlight some of the mom run and even a few non mom run businesses in the local community.

I have found that with the vast array of information available on the internet it can often be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, I have also found that is much better to support a local run business than trying to ship or find items from oversees or a commercial store.

The items and services offered within our own communities are so diverse and the quality and love that goes into these items are worth so much more than a regular store bought item.

I often envy the amount of bravery it must have taken for some of these ladies to start these businesses when it often seems so much easier to just stay in a run of the mill work environment because it is more stable or because you have kids, some of these ladies even do both which is just incredible.

So this week I am showcasing Love my Home.
Love my Home is run by Port Elizabeth’s Lauren Hewitt who is married and mum to a  gorgeous 3 month old     boy.

I took a peek over  at her face book page and I absolutely love the look of all the items she has to offer and am thinking of ordering one or two things myself in the future (if my son was still small I would order more.)
The items are all beautifully made and displayed and just give you that wonderful comforting feeling that comes with handmade and custom made items.

So I asked her to answer a few questions for us to give a little gander and insight into what Love my Home is all about:

Why the name Love My Home:

“My business name comes from my initials LMH”

Why and when did you start Love My Home:
“I started Love my home in February last year  (2014) when my admin job was not a good emotional fit for me anymore, I'm a creative person and need to be busy with a craft of some sort all the time.  My husband and I also wanted to start a family and had decided it would be a good decision to resign so that I could be at home with our future kids while doing something I'm passionate about.18 months later we have a 3 month old little boy and I couldn't be happier being at home with him.” 

Tell us a bit about your products:
“I take pride in the fact that everything is made by me. My main focus is baby items like bandana style bibs, dummy clips, crocheted hats, felt embellished onesies/t-shirts, car seat covers, trolley seat covers and my recently added teething items. I also do homey items such as table runners, place mats, cushion covers, bunting and table cloths. I take custom orders and love that every order is unique.”

You became a WAHM how has this affected your family: 
“The only way working from home has affected my family so far- (having only being back in the working mode for a month now) is positive. It allows me to be at home with my little boy and I won't be missing out on any of his milestones.” 

How can someone find Love My Home: 
You can find Love My Home on Facebook, she also has a website and online store coming soon so be on the lookout for that. 

How to place an order: 
An order can be placed via email and payment can be made via EFT once your invoice is received.

If you are in the PE area you can arrange collection, otherwise your order can be sent via the Post office or courier depending on your preference.

So if you are interested in seeing what she has to offer head on over to her page and show her some local love and support.

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