Monday, 17 August 2015

The Blogger Blues and another Vlog...

So I have the blogging blues, my brain just feels like mush at the moment and I can neither think strait or think about what to write, bleh I guess it is normal to get a bit of writers block every now and then and we just have so much going on at work and at home it has been a bit crazy.

So in the interim I decided to film another tag it was just a bit of fun and again we had a ball, I am hoping to get back to my ol blogging self asap but in the mean time, please take the time to go on over and watch my video, it is quite long but I think it was a good laugh and in the end I came out looking like... well you can see for yourself, I have to say that vlogging has done so much for my self confidence I haver never been comfortable on camera no matter how I look so its been really great, it is a bit difficult because I have to rely on my hubby bringing a camera home every 2 weeks but so far its been great,

Anyhoo have a lovely Monday everyone and I hope everyone's weekend was amazing!

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