Friday, 14 August 2015

Thank you Treat Boutique and Shell Shocked Mummy

So this week finally came to an end thank goodness.

We had a Meningitis scare with Loghan yesterday which thankfully turned out to be just his tonsils, I didn't know Tonsillitis could cause headaches and vomiting and Loghan is the only one who still has his tonsils and adenoids out of my three, anyway Loghan is already feeling better this morning but we are just going to take it easy this weekend make a library trip and then hunker down with blankets and strawberry tea for the remainder of the weekend, I also plan on filming a video or two....

A big thank you to Lynnette from the The Treat Boutique for allowing me to run the competition and a very big Thank you as wel to Laverne over at Shell Shocked Mummy for including me on her Whats in my Diaper Bag Series.

For anyone who does not know her blog go on over and have a read she is a really great writer and her blogs are very informative and funny she has quickly become one of my favorite local bloggers.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!!

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